Homegrown talent

Mary Beth Rogero
Three year-old Mary Beth Rogero dances to "Every Move I Make." Photos by Susan Safford

Posted January 25, 2007

Talented children took to the stage at the Chilmark Community Center last Sunday for the annual Homeschool Talent Show. Organizer and parent Lisa Nivala said the show has been going on for more than 15 years.

The audience and performers enjoyed a bountiful potluck supper before the show. The student performers gave a varied and exciting show that included songs, dances, recitations, and instrumental music.

Pianist Timo Nivala played the song "Freedom" by Michael W. Smith; his brother Ben and sister, Rebekah, played a duet, "Sweet Home Vineyard Haven," an original composition; and sister, Kaija, played a flute piece titled "El Shaddai." Patriots fan Elijah LaRue wrote and performed a song, "Go Pats." Eight-year-old Elijah was in for a disappointing evening as he watched his team lose the big game.

Not all the talent was brought to the stage. On the exhibit table Josiah Mastromonaco's computer games were displayed. Ben Nivala made a snow machine and put snow in his back yard.

Lots of talent and lots of fun.

Franklin Pilcher
Franklin Pilcher sings "Home On The Range." His recent arm injury and sling didn't hamper his performance.
Coralee Larue
Coralee Larue recites her original poem, "Our Country's Flag," at the Homeschool Talent Show. Coralee celebrated her sixth birthday at last Sunday's talent show.
Rebekah Nivala
Rebekah Nivala not only played piano, but acted as talent show announcer.
Pearl Vercruysse
Pearl Vercruysse recited two poems and also played piano at the talent show held at the Chilmark Community Center.