Devon Lodge and Samantha Rabin
Devon Lodge takes flight. Samantha Rabin looks on from up stage. The two are members of Martha's Vineyard Dance Theatre. Photos by Ralph Stewart

Crazy spin

By Anna Marie D'Addarie - February 1, 2007

Who better to write a spoof on the classic "Nutcracker" ballet then ballerina Lori Cunningham? As the Sugar Plum Fairy, Ms. Cunningham has delighted Island audiences in the annual "Nutcracker Gala." Now with her own dance company, Martha's Vineyard Dance Theatre, she has written a hilarious take on Tchaikovsky's ballet, and titled it "Crazy Cracker." Last weekend the dance was performed at the Oak Bluffs School. The laughter from the audience assured the dancers that they had a hit.

Anna Markwica
Anna Markwica in last weekend's performance of "Crazy Cracker" at the Oak Bluffs School.

In this hip new version, Clara hits the snooze button on her alarm clock one too many times, and she is late for school. How will she have time to ask her prince to the school dance? Will some sassy senior beat her to it?

The ballet takes several twists and turns that keep the audience guessing. Will Clara get to dance with her true love? Fear not, a happy ending is in store.

The students in the company enjoyed dancing in "Crazy Cracker." They can proudly add this new dance to their repertoire. Hopefully they will perform it again soon.

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