The first Mercury retrograde of 2007...

By Arlan Wise - February 8, 2007

Mercury turns retrograde on Feb. 13. This means that thinking should take precedence over doing. When Mercury, named for the mythological messenger of the gods and the planet that rules communication and transportation, is in backwards motion, you must be aware that your logical thinking process will take a back seat to your intuition. It's a time to contemplate, plan, and sort things out. The most appropriate way to act is by using verbs that begin with re-. You'll want to review, revise, rebuild, research, redo, as well as recreate, relax, and renew yourself. You don't want to make major life decisions or buy any big-ticket items such as houses, cars, and computers. You must double-check your work before you declare it finished, because it's an easy time to make mistakes.

Mercury will be in retrograde motion until March 7. It will travel backwards from 10 degrees of Pisces to 25 degrees of Aquarius. Wherever that falls in your chart will be the area of your life where you have to pay more attention and figure out what needs fixing.

The beginning of the Chinese Year of the Pig coincides with the sun's entry into Pisces. Both are the twelfth signs of their zodiacs, and both indicate kind, helpful energy.

Thursday, Feb. 8. Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 10:09 am. The sun meets Neptune for their yearly rendezvous and fills the day with inspiration, illusions, romantic fantasies, and true spiritual energy. You can't focus enough to get any important work done, so spend your time helping someone or working for a cause. Honor your right brain by writing a poem.

Friday, Feb. 9. Moon in Scorpio. You can get tough today and push your own agenda. Make sure you come from a place of honesty, not self-righteousness. Venus and Jupiter connect and ask you to play with them. They can take you over the top with pleasure and extreme behavior or give you a highly spiritual experience. Splurge today.

Saturday, Feb 10. Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 10:01 pm. This is a true day off as the moon is void-of-course all day. You won't get away with loafing, because the sun stands opposite Saturn; they give you a mid-term exam. Any obstacles you encounter today are tests from Saturn. You need to address whatever you have shoved in the closet, so to speak.

Sunday, Feb. 11. Moon in Sagittarius. Get out and be active. It's a great day for winter sports. Play them, don't sit and watch them on TV. You'll want to leave yesterday's heaviness behind and hang out with friends who are upbeat. Take your mind to the playground and amuse yourself by discussing topics that stimulate your thinking.

Monday, Feb. 12. Moon in Sagittarius. Today is the last day before Mercury begins his retrograde period. Make sure to take care of all important communications. Mail out applications and proposals. Pay your bills. Repair what's starting to break. You'll have good energy for work as long as it's not boring.

Tuesday, Feb. 13. Moon in Capricorn. Mercury changes direction at 11:38 pm. He is motionless all day and so not very useful. Follow your schedule at work; it's not a day for innovations. Slow and steady is the theme of the day. You'll get a lot done if you work within the given limits. Start the process of reorganizing your work and life.

Wednesday, Feb. 14. Moon in Capricorn. This is a no-nonsense moon for Valentine's Day. If you mailed a card or gift, double-check to see that it arrived. Be kind if your loved one doesn't fulfill your expectations about the day. Keep working on schedule. You can do some goal-setting for the long term.

Thursday, Feb. 15. Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 11:34 am. The energy is slowing down. Spend the morning cleaning, tidying, and reorganizing. Finish up old business. Take a look at if and what you contribute to the community. Are you helping on local, national, and international levels? Find a cause to champion.

Friday, Feb. 16. Moon in Aquarius. There's a tired feeling on the day before the new moon. Accept it and go slowly. The moon activates Chiron, asking you to think of wounds and healing on a personal and global level. Have a long talk with the cause of a wound. It's a good night for rituals.

Saturday, Feb. 17. Moon in Aquarius, VC 11:14 am until 1:30 pm, when it enters Pisces. Today's new moon receives energy from Pluto to make this a month of transformation. It's a day for deep thinking. It's also the last day of Aquarius so take one last advantage of the ability to think in a detached, objective manner.

Sunday, Feb. 18. Moon in Pisces. The sun enters Pisces at 8:08 pm. Today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. You'll drift through the day and find it hard to focus on any one task. Don't try - see where the day takes you. Call or visit an ill or elderly friend. Take time for yoga and meditation.

Monday, Feb. 19. Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:43 am until 2:06 pm, when it enters Aries. Plan a long lunch with friends or co-workers. Or take a nap, or meditate during that VC period. Venus and Pluto meet to show you your hidden feelings about your relationship. You will want to get more involved or want your freedom to move on.

Tuesday, Feb. 20. Moon in Aries. It's a day to be active. You'll get more done if you work alone. You don't have patience for other people's foibles. Hold back on your desires to push ahead. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde. Let go of any feelings of anger that may be left over from yesterday's Venus-Pluto encounter.

Wednesday, Feb. 21. Moon in Aries, VC from 12:41 pm until 3:03 pm, when it enters Taurus. Venus enters Aries today; she becomes more forceful and self-centered in Mars's sign. You'll feel ready to go on alone or find a challenge to make your relationship more dynamic. Pamper your body tonight with a massage and bubble bath.

Thursday, Feb. 22. Moon in Taurus. You can find a bargain in used items, so check the tag sales and thrift stores. The sun and Mercury meet at the same degree making today the midpoint of this retrograde cycle. It's an idea day so be sure to write them down as they come to you. The information may come as feelings or images.