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By Jacqueline Sexton
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Posted February 22, 2007

I'm worried about the welfare of the birds during these frigid days and nights. We stopped filling the feeders a few years ago when we discovered that a sizeable colony of rats had taken up residence underneath a granite slab step outside our kitchen door. Skunks, raccoons, and squirrels were okay, but rats? So I have been furtively (so the rats, if any, won't notice) putting out breadcrumbs hoping it helps a little. I don't think we have a single berry left on any of the holly trees. A faithful treadmill walker at the hospital reported seeing a flock of mallards paying a fleeting visit to the hospital bird feeders. They didn't linger but flew off in formation, looking beautiful, after they had snatched a tidbit from the feeder.

Starting this Sunday, Feb. 25, and every Sunday through Lent, the Chilmark Church will hold Taize worship at 5 pm.

The school's winter break starts on Monday, Feb. 26. School reopens on Monday, March 5. For whatever it's worth, next week is National Pancake Week.

Students ended their winter skating program and celebrated their improved skills with hot cocoa, courtesy of Mary and Perry Ambulos.

Welcome to Charles (Bud) Perkins (Mr. P.), who will be the second and third grade substitute teacher for the next few weeks.

It seems impossible but in two or three weeks, we'll be writing about the arrival of the first summer vehicles, exclaiming that it happens earlier each year.

Meanwhile, droves of residents are still luxuriating on sunny beaches and in other temperate spots. Ernie and Leslie Weiss are exceptions to this rule. They winter in a house on a snowy hillside in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where the temperature recently was 27 degrees. They can watch skiers come and go from their fireside, or, if they decide to ski themselves, the lifts are a short walk away. Their North Road next-door neighbors, Nelson and Pauline Potter, who spend the winter on an island off the coast of Florida, paid them a visit last weekend, taking the change in climate in stride. All this confirms my long-held theory that Chilmarkers tend to vacation on other islands and they tend to run into other Chilmarkers wherever they find themselves, be it in the Himalayas or the Greek islands. The Potters went on to Palo Alto to visit their daughter. They'll all be back here in a couple of months.

Meanwhile, it's time to finish your winter projects.