Town Column

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley
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Posted February 22, 2007

Are you ready for the upcoming season? No, I am not speaking about seasons in relation to climate. I am talking about the political season looming on the horizon. We get a little warm-up for the federal election with our local elections here on the Island. Almost every candidate starts off with great expectations of what they wish to accomplish.

As they wend their way through the political maze and serve for a few or many years, they sometimes get their illusions destroyed or get very weary of constant public criticism by people who would not dream of volunteering their service to their town or country but only work very hard to undermine often hard work by the few who care enough to work for the town.

I often thought those elected should be stamped with an expiration date similar to those on foods, stating they are only effective to a definite date. It must be discouraging to really care and work so hard under such circumstances. So congratulations to all those who dare to step forward and serve as best they can.

Valentine's Day has spawned many a romance but for Ed and Linda BenDavid, the wonderful Valentine they received was the announcement by their son Jason and Lynn Webster that they had been married that day at their home by justice of the peace Laura Johnston. Attending the ceremony were Lynn and Jason's two daughters, Ivy and Maple. Lynn's mother is Jackie Webster and she often comes here from her home in Juliet, Tenn., to visit with her family.

On Sunday Ed and Linda entertained their children and grandchildren at a brunch at their home. Along with Jason's brothers Ed Jr. and Randy and their wives and sister Vicki, were his brother Aaron and his wife, Deb, and their son, Evan, who came up from Groveland, Florida, for a few days visit. So the BenDavid family was almost complete except for daughter Lana who lives in North Carolina. Congratulations to Jason and Lynn.

We send birthday smiles to Rita Jeffers, Kaitlyn Marchand, and Karla Martel on Feb. 22, Kristen MacLean and Melanie Marchand who share Feb. 23, Kristen's son, Ben, who celebrates on Feb. 25, and Earl Peters, who celebrates a milestone birthday on Feb. 27.

Rick Reinhardsen, MV representative of the Salvation Army, will be the guest speaker at the Friday Conversations program at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center at 10 am Friday, Feb. 23. Rick is chairman of the Martha's Vineyard Service Unit (volunteers) and we are sure he will give a most interesting talk.

The Oak Bluffs School has been chosen as one of six schools in New England and New York for a math study. The Northeast and Regional Educational Laboratory, an educational research center funded by the U.S. Department of Education, has chosen the school as one of six case-study sites to learn about the different strategies that we use in math education for students with disabilities.

A Word Game Extravaganza will take place at the Oak Bluffs Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 24, from 1 to 4 pm. Scrabble, Boggle, Upwords, Crosswords and more will be played. You are invited to come and play your favorite word games, meet new people and enjoy an afternoon at the library. Refreshments will also be served and all ages are welcome.

Evelyn Christopher's daughter, Carol Clark, and granddaughter, Caitlyn of Ellsworth, Maine, visited her for a few days this week. Kaitlyn's 15th birthday was on Feb. 21 and she requested a visit to her grandmother's as the only gift she wanted. While here she was given a birthday party at the home of her aunt and uncle, Jackie and Nicky Fullin, in Vineyard Haven.

Ann and Duncan Ross have recently returned from a two-week vacation on the Island of Vieques. Vieques is part of Puerto Rico but a separate island. Ann said it was absolutely beautiful with miles of beaches and sunny weather. Of course, as all Islanders seem to, no matter where they go, they met several other Island residents there, including Elyse Madeias, Ryan Gold, Mike Parker and Carolyn Dowd. The Rosses have already made plans to return next year.

Enjoy the week. Warmer weather is coming and send your news along to me.