Pet of the Month

Frenchie and RooRoo
Two for the road, Frenchie and RooRoo. Does the road lead to you? Photos courtesy of the MSPCA

Find me some-bunny to love

By Jennifer Morgan - February 22, 2007

February is adopt-a-rescued-rabbit month, and there are currently three beautiful bunnies at the MSPCA, who are anxiously waiting to hop their way into your heart and home.

Dylan is a handsome, gray and white neutered male, who is social and curious, and easy to handle. He came from the Springfield MSPCA, where, believe it or not, he was found as a stray! It was clear he belonged to a family at one time, because of his outgoing, good nature. He enjoys lounging in his bed of hay, munching on fresh veggies and getting brushed. Frenchie and RooRoo came from the Boston MSPCA, where they had been surrendered by their owner because they could no longer care for them. This cute couple is a very bonded spayed female and neutered male, who never lived in a cage in their previous home. They are very friendly rabbits, who enjoy being handled and getting lots of attention.

All of these sweet bunnies enjoy time outside their cages, to stretch their legs and explore. Rabbits can make wonderful family pets and, just like dogs and cats, they require the proper food, water, shelter, socialization and exercise, in order to live happy, healthy lives. It is important to understand their environmental and nutritional needs, because they are such fragile beings.

Dylan is a friendly guy who's just looking for a home.

They generally come into the shelters because parents mistakenly get them for the kids as "easy" pets. Once the glory fades and the kids lose interest, and no one wants to clean the cage or give them attention, poor Peter finds himself banned to a hutch in the back yard. For this reason, rabbits often wind up becoming the "forgotten pet," only to live the remainder of their lives outdoors, where they are thrown some hay and pellets, and are isolated from a social environment. These guys long for warm, indoor housing, where they can be loved and care for, and become a part of the family. Consider adding a rabbit (or two!) to your life, and you'll get lots of bunny hugs and snuggles in return!

The MSPCA of Martha's Vineyard is located on 276 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, near the Triangle, in Edgartown. Shelter hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 10 am to 4pm and Thursday, 12 noon to 4 pm. Call 508-627-8662.

Jennifer Morgan is the projects coordinator at the MSPCA in Edgartown.