Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted February 22, 2007

It's hard to believe that next week will be March. And still no real snow. When the first few flakes began to fall on Sunday morning, I went out with my camera. The Mill Pond was covered with snow, ice white, with dark shrubbery making interesting patterns around the edge, and a dark shape made by open water along the far shoreline. But by the time I got to Chilmark, where I had been planning to set up a still-life of blooming orchids in my friend Blue Cullen's greenhouse, with the atmospheric snowfall outside the windows, it had already stopped.

Blue will be having a birthday this coming weekend on Feb. 25. All I can say is that her friends are busy making plans. The day before, Feb. 24, there are lots of special birthdays to celebrate: Michelle deGeofroy, Ernie Mendenhall, and Diane Wall. I send lots of love and good wishes to you all for a happy year ahead.

This is the Chinese Year of the Pig and you and your children may celebrate by making origami pigs at the library this Saturday. The craft table will be set up from 10:30 am to 4 pm. If origami is your special "thing," Betty Burton will be giving another origami workshop on Tuesday from 4 to 5:30 pm.

The Monday Night Movie at the library will be "Raisin in the Sun," concluding Black History Month.

The Academy Awards will be on TV this Sunday night, or you can join a group at the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven. Richard Paradise plans to roll out the red carpet from 7:30 pm to midnight. For $20 per person, you may enjoy hors d'oeuvres and sweets, drinks, and star-gazing with fellow cinema aficionados. It sounds like a great party. Call Richard Paradise at 696-9369 if you have any questions about the event.

Norma and Bob Salop have become grandparents again. Their son Alex and his wife, Kate, of Thompson, Connecticut, have a new son, Joshua Paul Salop, born on Feb. 13. Joshua has an older sister, Rachel, who is 3.

Marjory Potts called the other day to ask me a question about the library board for an upcoming article in the Broadside. She said she had been working for hours to get the issue to press and distributed, and she claimed, "The Broadside never sleeps." I believe it!

Eve Heyman e-mailed me, asking that everyone be reminded that the fair will be coming up before we know it. Hard as it is to think about August, we should all be thinking ahead. The winter projects, knitting, woodworking, quilting, artwork, special preserves, as well as animals and poultry being raised and seeds being ordered, will all become potential fair entries, so do keep it in mind. Also, Eleanor Neubert is looking for a design for this year's poster by April 1.

Brian Ruddick Jr. and Amanda Granell of San Diego, California, have been in West Tisbury visiting Brian's father, Brian Ruddick Sr., and Hannah Beecher at the Slocum House. Hannah said that they fell in love with the Island and even looked at property while they were here.

The planning board will hold a public forum on Monday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 pm at the Howes House. The members are interested in hearing options for the North Tisbury stretch of State Road from the current business district to the intersection with North Road. Several properties are already grandfathered in this area. Should it be re-zoned for business? Should it stay the same? What do you think? It promises to be a spirited discussion, as we have no shortage of opinions in West Tisbury and little reticence about expressing those opinions. See you there.

Also, please remember to fill out the town census form that town clerk Prudy Whiting sent out earlier this month. They must be signed and returned to her so that an accurate voters' list is on the tables at the public safety building for our election in April.

As I am writing this column, all of the beautiful roses received for Valentine's Day are beginning to fade and all of the boxes of Chilmark Chocolates are empty. But my Valentine gift from my husband is in perfect working order and shall remain so for the foreseeable future. Here's the story: When we built our house in 1984/85, we had to be as frugal as we could be, not an uncommon situation. We put in the cheapest, nothing special but serviceable toilet we could find and it has been a temperamental inconvenience ever since. Mike has taken it apart out on our front lawn on several occasions to no avail. It's just erratic, not a good feature in so essential a mechanism. So for my Valentine, Mike and Bill Haynes took out the old and installed the new - a Toto "Promenade" elongated bowl toilet. It is not only efficient, but also beautifully designed, a pleasure every time I look at it. I couldn't be more pleased with my thoughtful husband and his romantic Valentine.