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West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted March 1, 2007

We're finally having a "real snow," although so wet and heavy that the tree branches are bent low and chunks of snow are falling to the ground. My snowdrop flowers appeared last week, just in time to be buried beneath this snowfall. When I came home from my Space Needs Committee meeting this morning, Mike had just returned from a car accident over by Nip 'n' Tuck Farm.

Terry and Les Cutler were busy last week entertaining their grandchildren. Grandsons Quentin (age two and one-half) and Vaughn (age one) and granddaughters Emma (age seven) and Grace (age four and one-half) all were here from Needham.

Linda McGuire enjoyed a visit from her three-year old grandson, Lino Eisenberg. Lino's father, Ned Eisenberg, an actor, is playing the role of Fagin in the American Repertory Theatre production of "Oliver Twist," which opened last Wednesday in Cambridge. There was a long and glowing review in Friday's Boston Globe, complete with a picture of Ned. Lino and Linda checked out all the trucks at Keene's yard and Goodale's pit and at the Oak Bluffs Fire Station (Lino is a truck enthusiast) while his mother, Tricia McGuire, was in Cambridge to see her husband's performance.

I had met Lino last Thursday on the ferry to the mainland. Ned was picking Lino up in Woods Hole and I was going across to meet Sharon Rubens, my cousin Michael's wife, and their two children, Craig and Elise. We all went to Betsy's Diner for lunch; then Craig and Elise and I boarded the ferry to head back to the Vineyard. Mike and I have been devoted to these most remarkable kids since they were little. Craig has just graduated from Dartmouth and Elise is a junior in high school. It was a special treat to have them all to ourselves for a few days, especially in the winter when we could play tourist with them. It was like having a vacation of our own, with the most delightful companions. We walked at Lucy Vincent and Lambert's Cove with our dogs, had breakfast out on a weekday, dinner out one night, but mostly lots of time to talk together, to hear their ideas and thoughts. It made Mike and me feel very hopeful for the future. These are two young people who are articulate, energetic, and involved in the greater world. Craig has traveled across our country and appeared on Good Morning America with a group of Dartmouth classmates in "The Big Green Bus," promoting energy efficiency and alternative fuels. He has made a documentary film on environmental issues in Africa and will be moving to San Francisco next week, looking for a job that combines his interests in documentary filmmaking and the environment. Elise has participated with her church group building houses in New Orleans (after Hurricane Katrina) and South America. She is currently designing and building theatre sets at her school. Wow! Mike was in carpenter's heaven having a kid interested in talking about power tools and mechanical engineering. We both hated to see them return to their parents.

Please keep your eyes peeled for Susie Bowman's cat, Mouser, who disappeared from their home on the Panhandle on Feb. 6. Susie has placed signs and pictures around town, and there may have been a sighting or two, but she is worried sick. Mouser is a three-year-old neutered male, with dark tabby stripes and spots and an orange chest. He may still be wearing a red breakaway collar. Please call her if you see him, 693-7240.

I had a long e-mail from Jennie Gadowski, filling me in on John's condition. She asked that the information be passed along, so here goes. John did suffer a stroke on Feb. 6 and was airlifted to Mass General, where he stayed for a week. He has been transferred to Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital, Room 225B, PO Box 1250, Westborough, MA 01581. Whittier is close by both Jen and Tori and the granddaughters, Jennelle and Jaidah, so they are able to visit him daily, the best medicine of all. John would welcome cards and letters, but no flowers please. His right side and his speech have been affected by the stroke. He is up and walking on his own. His friends have established an account at the Dukes County Savings Bank. Jennie is happy to hear from you either by phone, 508-853-2142, cell 508-989-1231, or by e-mail, I hope John will continue to improve and be home soon.

Ken and Cathy Campbell have sent along their address and e-mail in the hopes of hearing from West Tisbury friends. They may be reached at 1800 Plateau Vista Boulevard 4108, Round Rock, TX 78664 or check this web site for information and to leave a message for Cathy,

A memorial service for Patrick Phear will be held this Saturday, March 3, 2:30 pm, at the West Tisbury Church. I imagine it will be a standing room only tribute for a special friend to this town. Patrick served on the Conservation Committee and was a knowledgeable steward and advocate for the town's natural resources. He will be missed by all who knew him. I join with everyone in sending condolences to Bea and their family.

Former principal Elaine Pace attended the production of "Camelot" at the Regional High School last week. She asked to congratulate all the West Tisbury School kids for the fabulous job they did. In her words, "The energy, enthusiasm, talent, and hard work were amazing. Kudos not only to the leads, both of whom were West Tisbury grads (Celeste Bailey and Julius Lowe), and other performers, but also to the behind-the-scenes staging and musical supports."

In other school-related news, the following students competed in the West Tisbury School Spelling Bee:

Leila Gardner, grade 4; Tim Roberts, grade 4; Mary Ollen, grade 5; Tony Breth, grade 5; Kyle Joba-Woodruff, grade 6; Raine Monast, grade 6; Jacob Lawrence, grade 6; Caitlyn Serpa, grade 7; Ian Tripp, grade 7; Mary Harrington, grade 8; and Chris Camacho, grade 8. The winner, Mary Harrington, will compete in the Island competition at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown on March 14.

Tom Vogl and Katherine Long had Tom's son, Jerry Vogl, with them last week. Jerry was here from Pittsburgh. He brought a friend along with him, and spent quite a bit of his visit introducing her to the Island sights.

"Happy Anniversary" today to Lyn and Harvey Hinds. Patrick Martone will celebrate his birthday tomorrow, March 2. Happy Birthday.

Harriet Bernstein is the person to call (696-7186) if you are interested in attending a series of discussions called "Healthy Children/Healthy Planet." The group will meet at the West Tisbury Library for eight consecutive Wednesday afternoons from 4-5 pm, beginning March 7. Healthy Children/Healthy Planet is one of several curriculums offered by The North West Earth Institute. A discussion guide and questions will be provided on topics such as exploring ways to develop a child's connection to nature and foster creativity, discovering ways to create healthful environments, understanding how advertising, media, and consumerism can influence a child's world view. Please sign up in advance at The West Tisbury Library for this free program.

Amy Sullivan is a member of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Planning Committee. Contact her at if you are interested in participating.

The Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Class of 1962 is trying to organize a class reunion to take place sometime in the fall. Please call Beth Mayhew or Cindy Barrett to help.

Perry Garfinkle is back in town after three weeks in Thailand and eight days in India. He was in Thailand on assignment for The Wall Street Journal Asia Edition, researching a story about Thailand's traditional medicine, including massage, herbal, and oil treatments. (Having an aching back at the moment, I am jealous of Perry's assignment, which included nine massages in 21 days. I have always wished The Times would assign me to write about all the different massage therapies on this Island.) Anyway, the India leg of the journey dealt with business relating to the publishing of his book "Buddha or Bust," due to come out this July in paperback. Welcome home, Perry.

March is "Katherine Hepburn Month" at the library. "The African Queen" will be shown this Monday night, March 5.

Mike came home from radio check yesterday with a West Tisbury Fire Department 2007 Calendar. I called Greg Pacheco to find out about it. I am not the only fire department wife in town who can't keep the meetings and drills straight, so Greg, John Cotterill III, and Brynn Schaffner made up a calendar with Fire Department and Dive Team meetings, training and events, as well as holidays and local events. The photograph on the front is a spectacular one of the Ziff fire. Other months feature pictures of all the trucks and rescue equipment, the Fourth of July parade, the muster team with their trophy, and the most recent fire off of Christiantown Road. It's really terrific and very useful. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea and making an artful presentation of it. It is hanging up in our kitchen where I can refer to it instead of asking Mike, "Do you have a meeting tonight?"