Eclipse season...

By Arlan Wise - March 8, 2007

It happens twice a year, this spaced out, unfocused two weeks between the lunar and solar eclipses. This year the eclipses are in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, and they illuminate the issues of work and service, body and soul, the world you see and the world you feel. It can be a serious time when life seems magnified in intensity. Expect old issues to arise to be brought to completion or abandoned for good. The solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Pisces mirrors the one that occurred at the beginning of September in 28 degrees of Virgo. What began then will come to a close or morph into a new form.

Take some time to honor the closing of the zodiacal year on March 20. You have an opportunity to start fresh.

The next retrograde Mercury period will be June 15-July 9.

Thursday, March 8 Moon in Scorpio. Now you can untangle all those mistakes. Venus and Jupiter dance together and ask you to join in by allowing beauty and love into your life. Be proactive and find a way to do so. These two benefics bring luck. Follow your hunch and place a bet. Make a move to expand your life outside of comfort zone.

Friday, March 9 Moon in Scorpio, VC 8:51 pm. Venus dances with Saturn today and helps you begin a new relationship or stabilize an existing one. Follow your gut feelings about how to take the next step. It's a good day to get to work on all the ideas you had during retrograde Mercury. It could be a very romantic evening.

Saturday, March 10 Moon in Sagittarius. Go somewhere this weekend. You need to be out, playing and communing with nature, or sitting and learning in a classroom. It's not a weekend to sit home doing the chores. Even if you just get as far as the library, find books and videos on a topic you've never studied.

Sunday, March 11 Moon in Sagittarius. Change your clocks forward into daylight savings time. They've made it earlier this year. You'll have lots of energy and enthusiasm to continue yesterday's fun. See a foreign movie, eat an ethnic dinner, listen to African music. Try to expand your horizons in every choice you make today.

Monday, March 12 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 2:27 pm until 4:35 pm when it enters Capricorn. Spend the morning in conversations and try to figure out how to synthesize all the information you know. Take a long break during the VC period so you can pick up your work on the evening. Use this time for work and you'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, March 13 Moon in Capricorn. This is the workday you've been waiting for. You can achieve much professionally and move your business along in the right direction. Get to work early and leave late. What you get done today is like putting money in the bank. Be conservative (not in the political meaning) in your thinking about expansion.

Wednesday, March 14 Moon in Capricorn, VC from 4:21 pm until 10:52 pm when it enters Aquarius. Once again it's best to get up early and get to work so you can start to clean it when the moon goes void. We're getting close to the solar eclipse so don't write anything in stone. Don't put off doing your taxes though.

Thursday, March 15 Moon in Aquarius. It's hard to stay detached and neutral when the moon and then Mars touch Chiron. They make your thoughts go back to old hurts and who inflicted them. Chiron will help you to heal those old wounds. Put some time and energy into service for the community. It's a good day to work for a favorite cause.

Friday, March 16 Moon in Aquarius. Mercury is busy today and he will put the right words in your mouth. Work on those writing projects, speeches, or grant proposals you need to do. It's a good day to do research. You'll be able to discuss issues with your partner tonight and get to the heart of the matter.

Saturday, March 17 Moon in Pisces. It's a right brain, whirling energy kind of day. The moon moves in to eclipse the sun. The energy is unstable and nothing you do will stick. Devote the weekend to your inner world, your spiritual self. Venus enters her own sign of Taurus to relax in comfort and sensuous love. Be sure to meditate today.

Sunday, March 18 Moon in Pisces. Mercury returns to Pisces to help you remember the concerns you had last month. Have they been resolved? Be careful around water today. Today's eclipse can bring earth-shaking dreams with information erupting from your unconscious. You need to let go of many things, and you'll know which are the ones today. Meditate on impermanence.

Monday, March 19 Moon in Aries. The dust hasn't settled yet as the sun and Pluto are in conflict today. People will feel they have to go to extremes. It's a day to err to the side of caution and keep a low profile. The changes that you make today will be permanent. Today is the last day of Pisces and the last day of the zodiacal year.

Tuesday, March 20 Moon in Aries. The sun enters Aries at 8:08 pm and it's Spring! Happy New Year. You can start fresh in a way you haven't been able to because of retrograde Mercury and the eclipses. Think of today as the beginning of a new season and newness in your life. Write a new list of resolutions and affirmations.

Wednesday, March 21 Moon in Taurus. The moon and Venus in sensual Taurus draw your attention to the physical world. It's a day to appreciate the beauty in life. Slow down and smell any flowers you find. Buy yourself something beautiful to wear. Forget the diet and indulge your tastes.

Thursday, March 22 Moon in Taurus, VC 11:12 am. Mars runs up against Saturn today. You can either feel frustrated or put in the time and energy needed to find a way around the obstacle. Your idealism is being tested. Slow down and stop trying so hard. You'll have more energy tomorrow.