Penny for your thoughts

Julie Schaeffer
Walkers stopped (above) to look and listen as Julie Schaeffer pointed out an interesting feature during Sunday's walk in the Land Bank's Pennywise Path Preserve in Edgartown.

Posted March 8, 2007

The sun played hide-and-seek last Sunday afternoon during the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank Pennywise Path walk. Ecologist Julie Schaeffer led a group which included a baby (her own), two dogs, and more than 20 others on a trek of almost two hours.

The Pennywise Path walk began at the end of south 18th Street in Edgartown, skirted the Vineyard Golf course, passed frost bottoms and grasslands, and the new housing development.

The Land Bank has turned a portion of the mixed oak woodland into grasslands. A three-person crew did the work of cutting, stump removal, and transplanting bluestem grass seed from the Tradewinds Preserve in Oak Bluffs. More red than blue in winter, bluestem takes on its namesake color in spring.

The grasslands provide a habitat for birds such as the chickadee and bluebird. Martha's Vineyard chickadees have their own unique call. Ms. Schaeffer tried to demonstrate the bird call but the cold weather made whistling difficult.

These walks are informative and a great way to meet other people who love the outdoors. Just remember to bundle up in layers.