Spring 2007...

By Arlan Wise - March 22, 2007

There's no excuse for waiting any longer to begin that big project that's been percolating in your mind. The chart for spring 2007 has a lot of energy, which can motivate you to manifest your dreams. This is a season for action. The chart emphasizes creativity. Bring art into your life in a new way. Relationships should be harmonious for the most part. The biggest challenge is to see if your work is appropriate for your needs. You may have outgrown its usefulness and if work has become stagnant you'll need a change.

Pluto and Jupiter join Saturn in traveling backward. Since they have been expanding the edges of your comfort zone, their retrograde periods will give a bit of relief. They will show you which projects to pursue and which to leave by the side of the road. Mercury is in direct motion until June 15.

Thursday, March 22 Moon in Taurus, VC 11:12 am. Mars runs up against Saturn today. You can either feel frustrated or put in the time and energy needed to find a way around the obstacle. Your idealism is being tested. Slow down and stop trying so hard. Focus on getting one thing done. You'll have more energy tomorrow.

Friday, March 23 Moon in Gemini. You'll pop out of bed ready to use today's lively energy. You need to be on the move, and you may want to start the weekend early. It's good energy to write and find the words that say what you mean. If you figured out how to overcome your obstacle, you can fly right past it and leave it behind you.

Saturday, March 24 Moon in Gemini. Save the housework for tomorrow. Today is the day to be out and about and visiting your friends. Spend some quality time with a sibling if close by or give a call and have a nice chat if far away. Feed your mind with information and images. Browse the bookstores and library for the newest reading material.

Sunday, March 25 Moon in Cancer. Today is the at-home weekend day. Mars connects with Neptune to add great sensitivity to your feelings and actions. Help those in need on the local and international levels. Feed and nourish your family with both food and emotional comfort. Create beauty at home. Take time to meditate and turn toward spirit.

Monday, March 26 Moon in Cancer, VC 10:36 am. Get to work early so you can make maximum use of the morning hours. Once the moon goes void, it's time for spring cleaning. It's a fertile day for planting. Give your houseplants a bath and repot those that need a bigger home. Eat your childhood favorites tonight. Catch up on your sleep.

Tuesday, March 27 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 1:04 pm. It will be hard to get out of bed and leave home this morning. Do some creative puttering. Your energy picks up greatly when the moon enters Leo in the afternoon. You can show off your work and sell your writing. Take the kids out for a special treat tonight.

Wednesday, March 28 Moon in Leo. There hasn't been this much fiery energy in months. Use its inherent optimism to push yourself up a step. Use it to be courageous and face a fear. Remember how brave the cowardly lion really was; keep that in mind as you tackle what's seemed scary to you.

Thursday, March 29 Moon in Leo, VC 9:23 pm until 11:27 pm when it enters Virgo. Keep on working and pushing and selling yourself. Venus and Chiron challenge you to face the pain of a failed, or failing, relationship. Be expressive in telling your loved ones how you care. Open your heart a bit wider to allow you to love those who are difficult to love.

Friday, March 30 Moon in Virgo. Clean up the week's work and make a new list for next week. Pay the bills, file that pile of papers, and balance the checkbook. Do your taxes if you haven't done so. Chip away at the boring little things that must be done. There will be unexpected happenings that will brighten the day and let you believe that anything is possible.

Saturday, March 31 Moon in Virgo. Pluto turns retrograde today. This is big explosive energy. Lay low and stay safe. Err to the side of caution. Resist the urge to criticize. You can enjoy the day and find joy in practical homey things. Feed your mind by playing crossword and Sudoku puzzles and word games.

Sunday, April 1 Moon in Virgo, VC 9:37 am until 11:43 am when it enters Libra. Open your mind to the unusual. Read a different Sunday paper. Play a kind April fool's joke on your loved ones. Meet friends in the afternoon; it's a good time to be social. Have a tea party. Take it easy.

Monday, April 2 Moon in Libra. Venus and Saturn get heavy and ask you to examine your relationship and your finances. They want you to look with a brutally honest eye and see the bottom line. What does your heart say? Tonight's full moon emphasizes the need and the way to make the different parts of your life come into balance.

Tuesday, April 3 Moon in Libra. You'll see both sides of the situation and can gather good information that you need to make a final decision. Find the time to enjoy the beauty around you. Take a walk and really look at the artistry of nature. You need to pay attention to your relationship and other partnerships.

Wednesday, April 4 Moon in Scorpio. You may feel a bit out of sorts today as the planets whiz around sparring with each other. Stay aware of what you say if you don't want to say too much. It's a day when you'll blab secrets without meaning to. There can be hurt feelings from confusion and expectations that are not fulfilled.

Thursday, April 5 Moon in Scorpio. Jupiter starts his retrograde period today. You'll feel something that was growing begin to slow down. Jupiter in retrograde is a time to re-evaluate your ethical and moral priorities. Listen to your inner voice today. Write in your journal tonight. Put your hands in the earth and plant.