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By Gail Craig
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Posted March 22, 2007

I am at one of those points where I have so much to do that I don't know where to start so naturally I did the only logical thing: surfed the Net and watched TV. So, now I've got lots to do and even less time to do it. But, it is officially spring, the time of renewal and rebirth. Maybe I'll re-energize here somewhere and manage to get everything done.

Welcome to the world wishes go out to Ethan Ambrose Morgan, who was born to Eliz Griffin and Dylan Morgan in Pensacola Florida on March 9. Word has it that everyone is doing very well and that Ethan is just beautiful. Proud grandparents are Barbara Morgan and her companion, Tom Taylor, of Edgartown and Raymond and Tammy Moreis of Oak Bluffs, while great-grandparent honors go to Ted and Floss Morgan of Edgartown and Ray and Sybil Moreis of Oak Bluffs.

It has been brought to my attention that Cape Cod Life magazine's latest issue of 400 people who make a difference on the Cape and Islands lists Eugene (Geno) Courtney as an entrepreneur and business leader, as owner of Scoops Ice Cream Store, and for hosting the Scoops 5k road race that benefits various Island children charities. Be sure to congratulate him the next time you see him in town.

Martha's Vineyard's teen professional improv troupe has received the honor of a performance spot in the Chicago Improv Festival. The IMPers will be in Chicago, the birthplace of improv, for five days where they will take classes with improv masters and perform in the same festival as some of the greatest improv troupes in the world. They are the only high school troupe to receive this honor. The Edgartown IMPers are Ed Cisek, Devin Colter, Ashley Peters, Dan Ellis, Ray Ewing, and Melora Armstead.

The Chicago Improv Festival is a nonprofit comedy festival held annually in Chicago in late April and early May. It spotlights improvisational, sketch, and stand-up comedy. In addition to bringing in acts from around the world, the festival honors performers who got their start in Chicago. Festival headliners include artists from television shows such as Mad TV and Saturday Night Live. The festival also hosts educational workshops and panel discussions to provide intensive training in improvisational comedy. For more information on CIF, visit

To help pay for the IMPers trip to Chicago, WIMP, the adult improve group, will be returning to the Katharine Cornell stage on Friday, March 23, at 8 pm. WIMP has not performed as a group since July 6, 2005. WIMP troupe members Christopher Brophy, Jamie Alley, Donna Swift, Laura Silber, Nora Laudani, and Shelagh Smilie will perform alongside the IMPers and Sketchy Teens. Attend this special performance to help WIMP send the IMPers to the opportunity of a lifetime. Tickets are $10.00 at the door or $5.00 in advance available at Island Entertainment. For more information on the trip or ways you can help support their efforts, you can visit their website at or call 508-939-9368.

It seems the Edgartown School still finds itself without a principal. Someone asked me today if I was concerned, and I had to honestly say that I'm not. While I would certainly like to have a new leader at the helm so that we could move forward, the current interim team is doing a very solid job keeping things on track. The entire staff has really pulled together to ensure the well-being and education of the kids, and I have no qualms in continuing as is until we can find the best candidate for the full-time position. And while I thought the three finalists being considered for the job were very good, I give Dr. Weiss credit for making the tough decision to put the job back out there. He really does seem to have the school's best interests at heart, and the feedback I have heard from the parents is that they are pleased with his decision and grateful for his support of the school.

Happy birthday to Kelsey Anne Ivory, who turned 15 on March 14, Lilly Kurelja, who turned 5 on March 17, and Sarah Taylor, who turned 5 on March 18.

John Warren Norton is temporarily residing over at the Harborside Healthcare home in Falmouth, while he awaits an opening at Windemere. According to his wife, Gloria, John, a born-and-bred Islander, hopes to return to the Island as soon as the opportunity arises. Gloria talks to him regularly on the phone and gets to visit him while he's on the mainland, but he would probably welcome a visit from other friends who may be passing through Falmouth. Additionally, you can send cards and letters to him at Harborside Healthcare - Falmouth, 359 Jones Road, Falmouth, MA 02540. He is in the Nantucket area.

Gloria also reported that she and John will be celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary on Sunday. They must have been so young when they got married! I am in complete awe of these long-lasting marriages. When Jamie heard this, he was duly impressed and proceeded to joke that if he has to be married to me, he doesn't think he'll even live to 67! At least I think he was joking. Congratulations and hats off to the Norton's on such a milestone. Here's to many more.

That's all, folks. Be sure to get me your news. Have a great week.