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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted March 22, 2007

Last week we had our first snow in a while. Actually, it was our biggest snow of the year. Of course, it was only a couple of inches. Nevertheless, the new ferry couldn't run on the first trip of the morning. They said it was an electrical problem. But one has to remember that, after all, she was born in Louisiana.

This is a special message for veterans. Every veteran is entitled to a military funeral. That means that the work could be spread around more if there were more volunteers. The same is true for the bugler who plays "taps." Everyone involved has other jobs and is not always available. If you can help with the music or the funerals, call Ed Colligan at 508-693-0912. You can also help by passing on the request.

St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in grand fashion at Sandra Kingston's. She invited a large crowd to a marvelous Irish brunch, which included a beef stew made with Guinness beer, Irish soda bread, green peas, green salad and green punch, and other delicious items of different colors. The best part was seeing all those people emerge who had disappeared behind bulky coats and scarves all winter.

Acting talent just abounds on this Island. Everyone is still talking about the marvelous one-act plays last week, and now the teens are being recognized for their exceptional talent as well.

Congratulations to the Martha's Vineyard's teen professional improv troupe. This group of high school students has received the unusual honor of a performance spot in the Chicago Improv Festival. The IMPers will be in Chicago for five days where they will take classes and perform in the same festival as some of the greatest improv troupes in the world. They are the only high school troupe to receive this honor.

To raise the funds so they can go to Chicago, WIMP returns to the Katharine Cornell stage Friday at 8 pm. WIMP members Christopher Brophy, Jamie Alley, Donna Swift, Laura Silber, Nora Laudani, and Shelagh Smilie will perform with the IMPers and Sketchy Teens. This performance will help send the IMPers to the opportunity of a lifetime. Tickets are $10 at the door or $5 in advance at Island Entertainment.

If you cannot attend on Friday, you can send a tax-deductible donation to The IMPers, PO Box 847, Edgartown, or call 508-939-9368.

Next week on Saturday you can enjoy a quick film trip to Ireland and help the students in the high school Irish history class raise money for their real trip to Ireland in the spring. The show begins at 7:30 pm at the Katharine Cornell Theatre. The MV Film Society will present a contemporary Irish film, plus the short winner of the Boston Irish Film Festival. Mary Wolverton and Gregg Harcourt will bring live Celtic music to the stage as a special treat. The ticket price of $10 goes to the class trip.

Pam Butterick sang with the Minnesingers 40 years ago. That is not just a happy memory. She and some other Minnesinger alumni want to hold a Minnesinger reunion together with a concert this summer. First they need to gather names, addresses, and e-mails. They hope to get some volunteers from each decade to sit on the committee. Plans are to include Tom Mills, the founder and original director. Send your ideas and your name to Barbara Lopes at or Pam at

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Rosemary Milewski. Happy birthday to Sue Mitchell on Tuesday. Birthday greetings to Hank and Linda Unczur. They are both celebrating on Wednesday. Also partying that day will be Dale McClure.

Heard on Main Street: Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.