Gotta start young

Phyllis Kugler
Mirror image: seventh graders mimic kickboxing instructor Phyllis Kugler on Sunday's day for the girls. Photos by Ralph Stewart

By Eleni Collins - March 22, 2007

Last Sunday, the Vineyard Tennis Center (VTC) Workout and Spa hosted the Alexandra M. Gagnon's seventh grade girls "do it for yourself" day. The girls spent the afternoon learning how to be healthy while relaxing at the same time. The girls were treated to hair styling, massages, makeovers, and exercise tips. They even had the chance to do a kickboxing class and get healthy cooking advice. VTC also hosted a "Day of Health and Fitness" on March 17 for eighth-grade boys.

Lily Gazaille and Kapryn Yerdon
Lily Gazaille gets her hair done by Kapryn Yerdon.
Kara Steigelman and Wendy Wen
Kara Steigelman, left, and Wendy Wen take time to focus on skin care.
Maggie Lindland and Cathy Ashmun
Maggie Lindland learns the ropes of the exercise machines with help from Cathy Ashmun.