20,000 down

Jane Alexander, Nica Sylvia, and Kate Mahoney
From left are Jane Alexander, Nica Sylvia, and Kate Mahoney, all National Honor Society students at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School. Photo by Susan Safford

Posted March 29, 2007

The Friends of Sengekontacket had a job to do this past Saturday. They had 20,000 culms, or bundles of beach grass, to plant on State Beach. With help from many community members such as Dave Grunden of the Oak Bluffs Shellfish Department and National Honor Society members, the 20,000 culms were planted.

beach grass
All in a row: the neatly lined beach grass helps anchor dunes along barrier beaches against erosion from wind and water.
Judy Bryant
Judy Bryant came ready to work after hearing about the planting at the Garden Club meeting.