Here's to health

Meghan Onega
Meghan Onega of Integrated Health Care gave
10-minute massages. Photos by J. W. Smith

By Eleni Collins - March 29, 2007

This year's seventh annual health fair at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital on Saturday, March 17, was a great success. "We're thrilled with the turnout of both participants and the community," says Rachel Vanderhoop, of the development office. "Obviously, the highlight of the day was the Coast Guard arriving in their helicopter."

Approximately 200 people attended this year, making it the highest attended health fair on the Island yet. Dr. David Finkelstein performed over 70 glaucoma tests, and the hospital lab gave almost 150 cholesterol screenings. Attendees also had the chance to get a massage, and learn about preventative health care opportunities. WMVY broadcasted the event live with DJ Laurel Redington.

Dr. David Finkelstein
Dr. David Finkelstein performs a glaucoma test at the hospital's health fair.
Emily Wetherall
Nurse Emily Wetherall checks blood pressure.