Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted March 29, 2007

I have enjoyed watching the families fishing at the Mill Pond this past week. The pond was stocked recently and with the longer days there seem to be fishermen casting their lines at all hours. It is especially sweet to watch the young children learning from their parents and older siblings.

In an otter sighting update, I received the following from Eileen Maley: "You mentioned the large otter cavorting in the Mill Pond. A week or so ago, we saw a fairly big, unfamiliar animal loping down our driveway toward Music Street. It looked like a dinosaur with a pretty face. We agreed it was a full-sized male otter, probably making its way from the rear of the Mill Pond toward Look's Pond. A few days later we saw the otter turning summersaults in the Mill Pond, and figured this was our guy. I hope he'll pass overland this way again."

When I ran into Arnie Fischer the other day, he told me that they have 18 newborn lambs at Flat Point Farm. Katherine Long and Tom Vogl have 30 chicks in a shavings-filled wading pool in their living room. Flower pots filled with pansies are appearing on porches around town and the pinkletinks are serenading us. I feel so lucky to live in a place where all of this is big news.

Eleanor Neubert wants to remind everyone that entries for the Fair poster contest are due by April 1. They may be mailed to her at P.O. Box 73, West Tisbury, MA 02575.

If you would like to support the Chilmark Pre-School, they are selling organically grown heirloom tomato seedlings as a fundraiser. You may order Sun Gold Cherry, Caspian Pink, Green Zebra, and Brandywine seedlings at the Chilmark School, any of the up-Island libraries, and both Cronig's by April 1.

Saturday afternoon I came home to find a message on our answering machine from Sue Hruby, telling me that she was sitting with Wolf Kahn and his family at a wedding luncheon in New York City. Knowing that he is my painting idol, she said, "Do you have any questions for him?" I'm sorry to have missed the opportunity, but have had the pleasure of thinking up my questions. Maybe I'll have another chance. Meanwhile, he asked to be remembered to Allen Whiting, with whom he paints in the summer.

Devon Hearn turned ten on March 17 and Blake Hearn will turn six on March 28. Since their birthdays are so close, the children of Mark and Renee Hearn always combine their celebrations into one big blowout. This year was no exception. Thirty children met for a bowling party with parents, grandparents, and friends. Grandparents Glenn and Linda Hearn and cousin Sarah Dexter with her family attended from the Vineyard. From all reports, it was a lot of fun.

Last weekend I was standing at the circulation desk at the library, behind Kelly McCarthy and her children, Colin, Mary, Liam, Kiera, and Declan. Several of the books in their stack were about new puppies and one had a picture of a very cute Labrador retriever puppy on the cover. Kelly told me the family had just adopted Ruby, an eight-week-old yellow Lab puppy. That made us instant friends. We went out to our cars, where Mary brought Ruby out to walk her over on her red leash to meet Tallulah, whose nose was sticking out the window of my Jeep. Kelly, Michael, and their children had gone to pick Ruby up and were pleased to bring her home on the new boat, Island Home. Ruby is really cute and already much loved. I hope she and Talley will be able to play together when Ruby is a little older. At least, I hope they get to visit in the library parking lot.

The West Tisbury branch of the Dukes County Savings Bank is having a luncheon on April 2 to introduce business people in town to the services they offer at the bank, including business checking and credit card services. Red and white balloons bring attention to an information table with handouts. I look forward to finding out more and having somebody else make lunch.

I missed mentioning a couple of birthdays in last week's column. Polly Murphy celebrated hers on March 24 and my sister-in-law, Cecily Bryant, had a birthday on March 28. Happy wishes to you both.

As many of you may have heard by now, our Library Director, Howard Curtis, resigned last week and the trustees have accepted his resignation. Howard brought a fresh perspective to our library for which we are grateful. We have all learned a lot from him and wish him well.

After last week's Saturday craft-making session at the Library, the most wonderful colored birds with tissue-paper wings have appeared, flying around the Circulation Desk. This Saturday, stop by to make butterflies. The Monday Night Movie at 7 pm will be "Suspicion," beginning "Alfred Hitchcock Month."

I drove down State Road over the weekend and saw the flowering displays at Vineyard Gardens and Heather Gardens. All of my gardening friends are eagerly looking ahead and planning the new gardening season. The weather has certainly been conducive to such fantasies, and riding around town with the car windows open and the CD player blaring Jim Morrison and the Doors. It's spring and I feel like a teenager.