Larry Blotter, not Harry Potter

Bob Thomas
Storyteller Bob Thomas teaches "Larry Blotter's Dance of Fire," performed to the music of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Photos by Susan Safford

Posted April 5, 2007

Last Saturday, the West Tisbury Park and Recreation Department hosted storyteller Bob E. Thomas's "Larry Blotter and the Sorcerer's Poem." The afternoon of story, song, acting, and dancing with Mr. Thomas proved to be an exciting time for all. The skit, which was a parody on Harry Potter the boy wizard, began with a story by Mr. Thomas, who introduced the characters. When he called for volunteers, Jared Bardwell wanted the part of Larry Blotter, and Carissa O'Connell and Henry Gallagher played his best friends. For the grand finale, all the children learned "Larry Blotter's Dance of Fire," much to their delight.

Carissa O'Connell, Jared Bardwell and Henry Gallagher
Larry Blotter stands with his friends under the invisibility cape. From left are Henryannie Danger (Carissa O'Connell), Larry Blotter (Jared Bardwell), and Donald Measley (Henry Gallagher).
Ian Bardwell
Don't mess with this poodle, played by Ian Bardwell, because this dog drools acid.