New beginnings in the spring

This new calf knows that mom's kisses are the sweetest. Photos by Julian K. Robinson

Posted April 5, 2007

New life springs up all around us at this time of year. The Times asked wildlife photographer Julian K. Robinson to search the Island and photograph baby animals. This photo essay represents just some of the many wonderful shots he brought us.

When we heard about 13 puppies being born just a few weeks ago, we couldn't resist adding their photo, which was provided by the Rogers family.

A doe and her fawn catch sight of the photographer.
Triplet lambs at the Thompson Farm in Tisbury. This ewe seems to be saying, "Back off Julian."
A newborn Friesian foal struts with mom at Stonehedges Farm, Oak Bluffs.
Lucy the golden retriever became a candidate for mother of the year when she gave birth recently to a baker's dozen. Cute times 13. Photo courtesy of russell rogers