A bloody good show

Sarah Swift and Devon Lodge
Mary Elizabeth (Sarah Swift) is confronted by Bluebeard (Devon Lodge). Photos by Ralph Stewart

Posted April 5, 2007

The Oak Bluffs School performed the original musical "Bluebeard" this past weekend. Written and directed by Donna Swift and Shelagh Smilie, and musical director Brian Weiland, the show was based around Mary Stephanie, played by Ashley Girard; Henri, played by Mitch Lowe; the mother, played by Ashley Gwynn; Mary Elizabeth, played by Sarah Swift; Bluebeard's assistant, played by Taylor McNeely; and Bluebeard, played by Devon Lodge. A host of ghosts and townsmen completed the cast of the one-act play, which showcased ten musical numbers.

Eva Balboni
Eva Balboni plays a ghost in the Oak Bluffs School musical, "Bluebeard."
Mitch Lowe, Sarah Dawson and Ashley Girard
In this scene are, from left, Henri (Mitch Lowe), a ghost (Sarah Dawson), and Mary Stephanie (Ashley Girard).