Town Column

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley
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Posted April 12, 2007

So Easter was colder than Christmas. I never remember that happening before, do you? At least the sun shone brightly most of the day, so it seemed a bit warmer than it really was. The town meetings and elections scheduled for this week should have warmed us up a bit and by the time you read this column, we will have the results of both.

Ryan Araujo, the 6-month-old son of Jennifer Jenkinson and David Araujo, is facing surgery in Boston in the weeks ahead. Now this family could use some help from all of us to assist them in covering the expenses, which many trips to Boston for medical care entail. This Saturday at the PA Club in Oak Bluffs, there will be a fundraiser to help cover some of these expenses. This event starts at 8 pm and you may purchase tickets at the door. There will be a dance, silent auction, and delicious refreshments, so come and enjoy your evening and also help out this family. If you are unable to attend, there is also a fund in Ryan's name at the Martha's Vineyard Co-operative Bank.

April is National Jazz and Poetry Month and the Oak Bluffs Library is celebrating it with several interesting library displays and by playing Jazz music during their Wednesday Morning Coffee Times from 10 to 11:30 am. Please join them to eat, drink, and discuss Jazz and more. At 6 pm on Tuesday, April 17, the library will be showing a new DVD release on a large projection screen. Join them to view this popular animated movie about the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica. You may call the library for more information at 693-9433.

There was an "oops" in last week's column regarding the reception at the airport for Matt Bradley. It was not a group from the VFW that greeted Matt but from the American Legion Post 247. My thanks to MV Veteran's Agent JoAnn Murphy for bringing this to my attention.

The school is sending out a reminder that Wednesday, April 25 is a parent conference day and will be a half-day release day for students with dismissal at 12 noon.

Thanks to the Oak Bluffs PTO for funding the sixth-grade science trout project. The students in this grade have been raising brown trout from egg to fry (young fish) in the classroom since last November. Students have been monitoring the water quality of the tank along with drawing, observing, and writing about this project over the last five months. The eggs were given to the school by the State Fish Hatchery in Sandwich. Last Tuesday the whole sixth grade took a field trip to Upper Lagoon Pond in Oak Bluffs to release the trout and collect information about the habitat and other organisms in the ecosystem. This project resulted in the release of a total of 132 trout fry into Upper Lagoon Pond.

We send birthday smiles to Dave Richardson who partied on April 2, David Hill and David Tchoiz who shared April 7, Michael Rebello on April 12, Sarah Neubert on April 13, and Nicholas Ben David on April 14.

In spite of the cold on Easter Sunday, there were many Easter egg hunts through various areas of town. Betty Alley of Vineyard Avenue hosted a hunt in her yard once again. This has been an annual event for her for over 25 years and now the hunters are the third generation to have participated in this even. The yard was once more swarming with grandmothers, grandchildren, great- grandchildren, cousins, relatives, and friends and over it all ruled this amazing 95-year-old women.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me please.