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By Jacqueline Sexton
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Posted April 19, 2007

Let us hope we continue to miss the full fury of the ballyhooed northeasters with snow, like the "storm that will make it into the history books," as one enthusiastic TV meteorologist put it, that struck on Patriot's Day.

There must be people who, like us, suffered tree damage, but it wasn't apparent during a Monday morning drive along South Road. It was still windy but the sun came out briefly. Reports from Boston suburbs weren't so rosy with tales of snapped utility poles on fire, power outages and live wires all over the streets. Hardly the setting for the Boston marathon.

While no such drama seemed to prevail on-Island, the ocean was all over the beach at Squibnocket with foamy white surf churning all the way to the horizon. A number of parents, taking advantage of the first day of spring break, were on hand with their small children to view the spectacle.

We've had enough April showers; it's time to watch for May flowers.

Annual town meeting is this Monday, April 23, 7:30 pm at the community center. Elections are on Wednesday, April 25, from noon to 8 pm.

The women's symposium will hold its 19th meeting this Saturday, April 21, from 9 am to noon. The theme this year is "Taking Risks." There will be speakers and refreshments. The event is free, but donations to cover expenses are welcome.

A reminder that the Sustainable Book Club will meet this Wednesday, April 25, at 5:30 pm at the Chilmark Library to discuss Barbara Kingsolver's "Prodigal Summer." The book deals with ecological and ethical issues affecting our environment. Everyone is welcome; there is no admission charge.

As a survivor of what my children call the "olden days" system of education when a lot of what we learned, we learned by rote and when students stayed put at their fixed desks, I am a fascinated spectator of the trends in modern education. The newest, new to me anyway, is "sensory lending library," which addresses "the needs of children with sensory integration challenges." Students from the preschool and from kindergarten to the third grade tried it out recently at the community center and reportedly had a ball. The equipment includes therapy balls, mats, rocker boards, scooters, bean bag chairs, weighted vests and blankets and can be borrowed by families for a two-week period, or more, if no one is waiting. For more information, please call Mary Ambulos at 645-8002, or Jo Ann Eccher at 645-3245.

Registration for next year's kindergarten will be held at the school next Thursday, April 26, at 6 pm. The meeting is for parents or caregivers only. There will be an orientation meeting later for the children.

The PTO is starting to prepare for teacher appreciation week, which is May 7 to May 11. Plans and ideas are under wraps until then.

The Chilmark PTO and the West Tisbury PTO joined forces recently and invited magician Scott Jameson to perform for students at the West Tisbury School. The event was sponsored in part by the Martha's Vineyard Cultural Council. The audience was enthusiastic. "He was really cool," said one student. The PTOs hope to get Mr. Jameson back for a return engagement.