First steps

Donny Maciel
The Step It Up rally drew attention to global warming last Saturday. Photo by Lynn Christoffers

Posted April 19, 2007

Grassroots movements used to start out small and grow over time, but thanks to the Internet some of them take hold in a virtual world and grow incredibly quickly. So it is with the new movement Step it Up, whose mission is to increase awareness of global warming and exert political pressure to help slow climate change.

Last weekend Step It Up popped up all around the Island. A rally at the Five Corners intersection in Vineyard Haven certainly got the attention of drivers. The high school students hoped more people would stop and take information and sign petitions, but that didn't happen. Look for Step It Up information at other Island events in the future.

Step It Up was also involved with Saturday's Osprey Festival at Felix Neck. Those who used other modes of transportation such as rode their bikes or walked, were given a discount to the fest.