Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted April 19, 2007

Remember holding a seashell up to your ear and hearing the sound of surf coming ashore? That was the sound I heard when I opened the door to let Murphy and Talley out early this morning. I could hear the surf roaring in the distance.

All night long the rain battered our windows and the wind moaned through the trees. I pulled the covers over my head when Mike went off to a fire call at Long View, too early for me to want to be awake. Even the dogs stayed quiet. Fortunately, the fire didn't amount to much. Mike said there was also a wire down at Whiting's Pond; I guess that's why we lost our power during the night.

This past week, the whole town was treated to the glories of having an official Poet Laureate. Dan Waters wrote a wonderful poem titled "Before Town Meeting" that appeared in this year's Annual Town Report and was read by the poet himself at the start of Town Meeting. He also wrote a poem to commemorate John Early's retirement, read at John's retirement party at the Ag Hall last Wednesday afternoon. John has been selectman ever since I came to West Tisbury, and I was not the only person feeling sentimental watching him preside over his last Town Meeting and Selectmen's meeting. There will be more to follow, as I will be interviewing John for an article in next week's Times.

Dan Waters was also recognized last week by the Newburyport Art Association. He won second prize in their 2007 Poetry Contest for his poem, "We Listeners." Congratulations to Dan, who won first prize in this contest last year.

Congratulations all around to the winners of last week's town election. Dianne Powers became our newest Selectman. Cynthia Mitchell was reelected to the Board of Assessors. The Finance Committee members elected are Sharon Estrella and Ann Nelson. Dan Waters and Ginny Jones are new Library Trustees.

John Gadowski has been discharged from Whittier Rehab and will be staying with Jennie till the end of the month. He will be doing outpatient therapy twice weekly and looks forward to attending his granddaughter Jennelle's First Communion on April 29. Outpatient services are being set up for John, who plans to return home to West Tisbury on May 1.

Woody and Susie Bowman are still hoping for the return of their cat, Mouser, who has been missing for several months now. They had hoped he would have found his way home by the time their son, David, comes back from England later this week. Meanwhile, Susie reports spotting a large muskrat crossing Edgartown Road heading toward the Mill Pond. "Glossy fur and a wonderful long slightly-flattened tail," was her description of the "quite robust" looking animal.

A week has been hardly long enough for all the birthday-related events in honor of Nathaniel Haynes's 12th birthday. He had a party off-Island with his mother, Paula Mayhew. Then on Tuesday night he was guest of honor at Bill and Betty's house for a family party with Bruce and Jennifer, his sister, Jessica, Aunt Janice and Uncle Jeremiah. Wednesday night, Betty took Nathaniel and Jessica out to dinner, and Friday night there was a sleepover at home for some of Nathaniel's friends. Firmly believing that a birthday should be enjoyed as long and fully as possible, I congratulate Nathaniel for a job well done. Happy Birthday.

Come to the Library this Saturday to make "Patriotic Pinwheels." The craft table will be set up all day from 10:30 am to 4 pm. The Monday Night Movie, "Notorious" will begin at 7 pm. Next Thursday, April 26, there will be a program about skunks that will begin at 4:30 pm.

The sky is brightening and blue patches are noticeable. I am disappointed that, despite early planting in good compost-enriched soil and ample rain, my peas will have to be reseeded. It seems that Murphy has become a vegetarian; he was apprehended standing in the garden, head down and tail up, eating the new sprouts as they appeared. I can't imagine Remay or any mere row cover will daunt his determined spirit. I'm sure Mike will come up with some dog-proof plan.