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By Gail Craig
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Posted April 26, 2007

How about this weekend's weather, huh? Wow! I may be making a sweeping generalization here, but based on the smiles I've seen the last two days, most people are likely to agree. Everything is just better with sunshine and 70 degree temperatures! Even the kids were getting along - well, most of the time, anyway.

As an extra weekend bonus, I was able to squeak in two lovely runs through the trails near my house, which, much to my happiness and olfactory delight, brought me the first wonderful wafts of May Flowers! Yep - I found them! And the smell was delightful and pumped me up for a slightly longer, more energetic run. I wonder if I can bottle the fragrance and sell it as an energizer. I probably looked like a total idiot standing in the woods sniffing tiny flowers with a huge grin on my face as I thought of Buzzy and how much she loved her May Flowers but hey, at 41 years old, I'm getting used to looking silly. And sometimes, I even enjoy it, but don't tell anyone. I guess I am my mother's daughter.

If you missed "An Inconvenient Truth," the Oscar-winning documentary, or want to see it again, you can see the film Sunday at 7 pm in the parish hall of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, the corner of Winter and Summer Streets. Admission is free, and popcorn and sodas, also free, will be served.

The film is being shown by the Green Group, which was formed in January after a Saturday of long-range planning for the parish. The group's goal is to keep environmental concerns before the parish. Sharon Pearson of Vineyard Haven is the chairperson, and Edgartown members include Bart Smith, Mary Greeley, Pat Flanders, and Varian Cassat.

Although not a direct Edgartown happening, I've been asked to let readers know that the volunteers of the newly formed Island non-profit organization Second Chance Animal Rescue are holding a Bake Sale at Cronig's in Vineyard Haven on Saturday, April 28, from 10 am to 3 pm. Please stop by and lend your support. All of the proceeds go to the animals.

Here's a big happy birthday wish, going out to Zoë Nugent, who turned 12 on April 23. Hope you enjoyed your special day!

On April 20, the Edgartown Library held a celebration in honor of children's librarian and assistant director, Debby MacInnis, marking 30 years of service to the library. The celebration, in fitting fashion, was held in the children's room at the library and included tributes, snacks, and gifts for Debby. Congratulations, Debby. And thank you for your years assisting the public, from a former kid of the children's room who is now a parent of two of your current library kids.

In other library news, you should check out their new web page at The site is wonderful - well designed, easy to navigate, and very informative. Nis Kildegaard, the Reference Librarian, is in charge of keeping the web site up to date and he is doing a great job, detailing all of the goings on at the library and even throughout town. Among other things, you can view your account, browse the catalog, put items on hold, renew items you already have, learn about the library expansion, and read about upcoming events. It's definitely worth a visit to this "virtual library" online.

And finally, the library is also looking for individuals who would like to "adopt a shelf" (or section) for the purpose of keeping it organized and neat. The library has over one thousand shelves in the building and it's hard to keep up with them all! If you are interested in volunteering some time, please stop by the circulation desk and sign up!

Phil and Shirley Craig want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes over the last few weeks. Phil is tired but doing okay. He is happy to be home and is anxious to continue working on his latest literary adventure. Many of you have asked where to mail notes and cards. You may send them along to P.O. Box 2744, Edgartown and they will be sure to get it!

I received an interesting e-mail from Mary-Jean Miner regarding my comments on pinkletinks last week. It seems that Mary-Jean grew up in northern Maine, where she learned about them by the scientific name Hyla Crucifer, or tree frog, as they are known up there. The "crucifer" refers to the cross-like marking on the backs of the tiny frogs. When she traveled to Australia, their bright green, red-eyed tree frogs often showed up in the bathroom, apparently enjoying recreation in the toilet/impromptu swimming pool. Mary-Jean said she was apparently the only one who welcomed them, as most Aussies seem to feel that most wildlife is potentially lethal which, in Australia, is usually true. Mary-Jean still has a grinning Australian tree frog as her screen-saver, which always makes her smile! Thanks for sharing such great information, Mary-Jean. I've been enjoying their music all week.

That's it. Thanks for all the news. Keep it coming and have a great week.