Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted April 26, 2007

Pink balloons were tied at the end of Caldwell Lane, adorning a sign, "It's a Girl." The much-awaited announcement proclaimed the arrival of Lily Marion Haynes, Bruce and Jennifer's new daughter. Grandfather Bill called us Saturday afternoon to say she had appeared, was perfect, and he had already held her and kissed her. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her myself. I look forward to watching her grow into a beautiful and happy young woman, much loved and welcomed by all. Welcome to West Tisbury, Lily.

Saturday morning, I had a choice between making a garden obelisk at the Polly Hill Arboretum and attending the Chilmark Women's Symposium. I hope the arboretum will offer the workshop again, as I chose to attend the symposium with Sue Hruby and Leslie Baker. Just about everyone I knew was there, which is always a treat to reconnect with friends you don't see that often. The subject was "Taking Risks." Betty Eddy's introduction was amazing. She is very funny and very comfortable at the microphone in front of a crowd, both skills I greatly admire. All the speakers had different perspectives on the subject and different ways of evaluating and dealing with risk-taking in their own lives. Ebba Hierta, former assistant librarian in West Tisbury, now director of the Chilmark Library, was one of the speakers. I already look forward to the next program, which will be in the fall.

It's been kind of a quiet week with school vacation and lots of families away. Quiet, too, because many folks still have no telephone service following last week's storm.

I enjoyed Sunday morning breakfast with Megan Mendenhall, who had stories to tell about her vacation in Washington, D.C., with her mother Kathy Logue, older sister, Cheryl Lowe, and niece and nephew, Emily and Aaron Lowe. They rode the train from Providence, an adventure itself. Although the weather was terrible (same as here) they did see the blooming cherry trees, the Air and Space Museum, and they toured the National Cathedral. Did you know there is a Martha's Vineyard window in the National Cathedral? I didn't either. It features Thomas Mayhew and a collection of seashells. The highlight of the trip was seeing the Capitol Building, arranged by Sam Mitchell (Pat and Cindy's son), who is currently working in Senator Ken Salazar's office. They all got to ride on the underground shuttle and saw Senator Kerry. The group returned home in time for Megan to attend the sleepover at the library last Thursday night.

The Ag Hall will host "Living Local" on Saturday, April 28. The all-day event will feature ways to make the Vineyard more sustainable, economically, agriculturally, and environmentally. It sounds like an interesting and informative way to spend part of Saturday. I hope it will be well attended.

Also on Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm, the newly formed Island nonprofit Second Chance for Animals will hold a bake sale at the down-Island Cronig's in Vineyard Haven. All proceeds will go to the animals.

The library needs Gerber's baby food jars for an upcoming craft project and, always, paper grocery bags. Please drop them off next time you are at the library. Thanks.

An overflow crowd attended a community poetry reading at the library last Sunday afternoon. Organized by Shelton Bank, the program attracted attendees of all ages. Another event for poetry enthusiasts will be a poetry slam sponsored by all the Island's libraries and bookstores on Saturday, April 28, 7 pm at Che's Lounge in Vineyard Haven.

This afternoon, Thursday, April 26, Luanne Johnson will present "Skunks," a program for children at the library. It begins at 4:30 pm.

Ursula and Frank Ferro have returned from a trip to Santa Barbara, Calif., in time to prepare for a book-signing party at The Tree House Gallery this coming Sunday, April 29, from 1 to 4 pm. Ursula and gallery owner, Ruth Adams, have collaborated on another book, "Mother's Day on Martha's Vineyard." It features the same family as the last two books, written by Ursula and illustrated by Ruth.

As I was up during the night writing this column, the scanner went off calling West Tisbury firemen and EMTs to a fire at Leslie Eaton's house. Mike came racing down the stairs at about 3:30 am and ran out to his truck. A little while later they called Tisbury for mutual aid. Mike got home around 6 am and told me that Leslie was all right and they saved the house. Thank you always to all the volunteers who rush from their beds to help their neighbors.

All of a sudden daffodils and forsythia are showing their colors along the roadsides and in gardens around town. Mike and I worked outside all weekend, raking again the branches and leaves from the storm last weekend. Where all these leaves came from I don't know. It was frustrating to be raking and picking up branches, having done all this before, instead of moving forward with new tasks. Of course, I also had to replant the peas that Murphy ate last week.