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By Gail Craig
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Posted May 3, 2007

If anyone has any wonderful input on how to parent a wild four-year-old girl, I'd be happy to take the advice. Amelia is putting me through my paces these days and I just can't help thinking that if it is this hard at four, what will it be like when she is a teenager? She has a tendency to test, well, just about everything yet and as a result I find that I sometimes act like a four-year-old myself when dealing with her. It's not a pretty sight! I'm sure my own mother is looking down and laughing at me!

Jon Polleys shared that his mom, Barbara Parker, has finally returned to the Island and is now in the acute care unit of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital. Barbara had a stroke a while back and spent time off-Island receiving medical attention and rehabilitative care, which according to Jon produced some amazing results. Barbara received excellent care and worked hard and, as a result, is doing great. Jon said that friends are welcome to visit her at the hospital as she continues to recover.

Susan and Pierre Guerin of Edgartown have recently made a dream come true, having purchased The Sweet Life Café in Oak Bluffs. After weeks of preparation, they celebrated a new season last Friday evening with a small, "soft" opening event. Guests were delighted with the new spring menu, which was prepared by executive Chef Scott Ehrlich and is best described as contemporary French-American cuisine. Susan shared that she and Pierre and their crew are looking forward to sharing a great summer with locals and visitors alike.

The Minnesingers Spring Show, "Remember When," is Saturday, May 5, at 7 pm and Sunday, May 6, at 3 pm at the Martha's Vineyard High School Performing Arts Center. This year's show is going to be a big hit with the younger crowd as there are many childhood favorite Disney Songs and much more. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and students and $25 for a family and are available for purchase at Edgartown Books, or from any Minnesinger, and also at the door.

Don't forget the annual Rainbow Run Saturday morning. Main Street will be closed briefly around 9 am so that the kids of Rainbow Place can make their annual trek from the Yacht Club parking lot to the Whaling Church. If you have the time to watch and cheer them on, it's worth it. It is very cute. The kids have a great time and are so proud of themselves.

Well, with spring comes golf! The senior tour is back at it with great gusto at the Edgartown Golf Club, with Sherm Burnham, Marty Mard, Ted Morgan, and Bob "Pop" Gardner out there most days. My understanding is that the group has adopted a very exciting new game called "Hit the Ball. Pay Ted" although they occasionally mix it up a little, switching to a game of "Hit the Ball. Pay Marty". These guys give each other such a hard time out on the course, I can't help but wonder if any golf actually gets played!

As they say, "That's all folks." Have a great week and be sure to get me some news.