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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted May 3, 2007

Tisbury's version of the cherry blossoms is bursting into bloom. Take time to enjoy the Bradford pear trees along Clough Street as they celebrate spring.

Everything they say about April in Paris is true. At least that's what several Island women claim. They have just returned and still have stars in their eyes. Dolly Campbell, Judy Cronig, Amy Eisenlohr, and Sandy Bernat went with Mary Jean Connelly and her daughter Kallie. Also in the group were Joanne Horgan and Joanne's daughter Catherine Bond from Andover along with granddaughter Kate. You and I think of Paris as the place where fashion is set. Kate proved us wrong. Her "wheelies" were a big hit and new to most of the people around them. Those sneakers with wheels in them attracted a lot of attention, whether in the airport or the museums.

These Islanders in Paris all enjoyed the fact that the museums were not crowded. They noted that art is everywhere, even in the granite drains running down the center of the wide sidewalks along the boulevards. The ladies also practiced their French while many locals responded in English and were incredibly friendly. Dolly says the heart of Paris is the Seine where there were musicians and picnickers and lovers. The city was lovely. The weather was perfect. And Paris was just beautiful. Everything was in bloom - poppies, tulips, and lilacs.

While they were in Paris they met up with Sandy Bernat's daughter Larissa Bernat. Larissa is a teaching assistant in the Oak Bluffs School. She was in Paris, visiting an old friend who used to work at Chilmark Pottery years ago. The friend is an artist, living in Paris. Of course.

Last week I used the new voting machine for the handicapped. The town clerk invited people to try the new machine. It is easy to use. You insert the ballot and follow directions to touch the screen. The size of the type can be enlarged or you can use earphones to hear instructions. The directions are very clear. If the ballot says vote for five and you only mark three, you are asked if you want to go back. You can write in candidates, spelling names by touching the letters on the screen. At the end, you are shown all your votes. If you voted for one and meant another, you can change it. When you are ready, you can press the spot to tell the machine to mark the ballot. You can change your vote anytime until you tell the machine to mark the ballot. Once you do that, it prints your vote on the ballot. You remove the ballot and deposit it, in our case, in the machine for counting. It works.

"That's So Gay" is a photo exhibit from COLAGE, Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere. The exhibit on display at the Vineyard Haven Library through May includes pictures, posters, and brief stories from young people living in a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender family. Many of their children are subjected to misunderstanding and bigotry. You are invited to a discussion from 3 to 5 pm on Saturday, and there will be refreshments.

According to Richard Paradise, "Air Guitar Nation" is a funny and exciting documentary with a killer soundtrack of aspiring rock stars in a world where musical ability plays second fiddle to virtual virtuosity. See it Saturday at 7:30 pm at the Cornell Theatre.

There were many signs of spring in our town last weekend. There were lots of visitors wearing happy smiles. The barrels on Main Street were overflowing. One business sign said "computer crashed - open Monday" which made me wonder if the delightful weekend weather was part of the computer's problem. Happy spring. Take time to pick the daffodils.

Congratulations to Craig and Laura Mayhew on Saturday, as they celebrate their anniversary.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to 'Auntie' Anne Duarte. Wish Amy Levine a happy birthday, but wait until a week from Sunday. Amy is the owner of It's In The Bag on Main Street. Mail all your cards and letters now. Postage goes up on May 14, just in time for Brendan O'Neill's birthday. Jill Walsh will party on the 16th.

Heard on Main Street: "A thing of beauty is a thing forever."