Music speaks

The Minnesingers
The Minnesingers. Photos by Ralph Stewart

By Pat Waring - May 10, 2007

In honor of their young audience, the Minnesingers sung songs from the Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown, Cinderella, and Sesame Street in their spring show over the weekend. The dance show portion of the "Remember When" family concert included the Jackson Five's "ABC", the Disney's princess medley "A Dream is a Wish," and "Happiness Is," before the choral concert began. Conductor Dan Murphy led the chorus through pieces by Scott Joplin, Aaron Copeland, and the concert ended with "A Jubilant Song," by Norman Della Joio.

Alumnae of the Minnesingers are in the midst of planning a reunion concert this summer on Sunday, August 26. Call Barbara Lopes at 508-693-3734 if you were a Minnesinger and would like to join.

Will Duncan, left, and Céleste Bailey, Matthew and Julie Perry
Dancers Will Duncan, left, and Céleste Bailey perform "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious." Matthew Scott sits to the left, and Julie Perry to the right.
Evan Kendall
Evan Kendall is the cookie monster in "C is for Cookie," one of several Sesame Street songs performed.
Emily Mercier and Anna Carvalho
Emily Mercier, in the foreground, and Anna Carvalho.