Planting by the moon...

By Arlan Wise - May 17, 2007

It's simple, when the moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or an earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn, but not in Virgo) the energy is fertile, you plant. When the moon is in an air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, though Libra is okay for flowers) or a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the energy is barren, you don't plant.

It is best to plant when the moon is increasing in size, as the energy is for growth. When the moon is waning, the energy is closing down so you mow the lawn and weed. A waxing (increasing) moon looks like a "D." When the moon wanes, it looks like a "C."

There has been much mention of the disappearance of the bees. Venus rules bees and honey and Mercury rules the beekeepers and the hives. Plant flowers that attract bees now before Mercury goes retrograde (June 15-July 9) and Venus goes retrograde (July 27-September 8).

Thursday, May 17 Moon in Gemini. The moon and Mercury meet and talk, and so will you. It's a day for verbal activity. Your mind will race with ideas and things you need to say. Write if you write. You'll have the energy to do lots of little errands and visit with lots of folks. Browse the bookstores and libraries and treat yourself to something new to read.

Friday, May 18 Moon in Gemini, VC from 8:57 pm until 11:38 pm when it enters Cancer. Send out your ideas in a form that can be read. It's a day to do your e-mail, answer letters, and send in applications. Hold a meeting at work to brainstorm about future progress. Create a discussion group to cover the things you don't get to talk about.

Saturday, May 19 Moon in Cancer. This is the last weekend in Taurus; celebrate it by doing nothing. Chill and relax. It's a perfect weekend for planting and transplanting. Stay in the garden and yard as much as you can. Rejoice in the beauty around you and take it in with all your senses. It's a weekend for sensual delights.

Sunday, May 20 Moon in Cancer. Chiron stops and turns retrograde today. You will feel vulnerable and sensitive. Be brave and face the wounds from the past. Have a family meeting to address whatever concerns have arisen. You need to look back today to see how far you have come. Cook your comfort foods for dinner.

Monday, May 21 Moon in Leo. The sun enters Gemini at 6:12 am and the energy lightens up. You'll be happier today and it will be easier to let things happen without stressing out over them. You'll be able to do a lot as Gemini invented multi-tasking. Take the kids out for a special treat. Have some fun.

Tuesday, May 22 Moon in Leo. You need to show your stuff. There's no more time to waste in hesitation. Take your creations to the proper outlet be it a store, newspaper, magazine, eBay, or an art gallery. Work on your artistic and dramatic projects. Express your love to all you see.

Wednesday, May 23 Moon in Leo, VC from 9:08 am until 12:26 pm when it enters Virgo. Be inspired in the morning and work in the afternoon. The energy is getting spacey as Neptune prepares to turn retrograde tomorrow. Write poems about your dreams. Create a romantic evening that you'll never forget.

Thursday, May 24 Moon in Virgo. Neptune turns retrograde at 9:10 pm and this event colors the whole day. You'll feel the currents reverse. Neptune likes to dissolve boundaries so today is not a day to make decisions that need to be written in stone. Just plunk along doing what's on your schedule. Tell yourself to remember your dreams.

Friday, May 25 Moon in Virgo, VC6:43 pm. It's a day of unusual pleasures and surprises. Let them come to you while you work. It will feel good to work hard and tick things off your list as you finish them. Try to get it all done so you can enjoy the weekend with no thoughts of what didn't get done.

Saturday, May 26 Moon in Libra. Devote this weekend to social events and gatherings. You will want to be with people. It's perfect for a holiday and is a great time to entertain, Libra moon asks politely that you use your social graces. Plant flowers inside and outdoors. Get up and out tonight and enjoy music or some other form of the fine arts.

Sunday, May 27 Moon in Libra. It's another airy day when words rule. You'll want to discuss what you read in the Sunday papers. Get together with a group of people in a forum to exchange ideas, or, do it online. Don't expect people to stick to what they say, today is a day to bounce the ideas around, not to implement them.

Monday, May 28 Moon in Libra, VC from 12:17 pm until 1:11 pm when it enters Scorpio. The party starts to wind down in the afternoon. Mercury enters Cancer, which makes it harder to say good-bye. You'll feel sentimental and long for the past while you create new memories for the future.

Tuesday, May 29 Moon in Scorpio. Today and tomorrow are prime planting days. The energy is fertile for planting seeds for metaphysical growth as well as for plants. It's best to do one thing today that you can do in depth. You'll feel sensitive and emotional and need time alone after the weekend. Catch up on your sleep.

Wednesday, May 30 Moon in Scorpio, VC 1:11 pm. Plant and garden as much as you can because it's such fertile energy, much better than it will be over the upcoming weekend. Take a walk in the full moon light and gather wild herbs. You will connect well with the plant world.

Thursday, May 31 Moon in Sagittarius. Today's full moon is a blue moon, that rare occasion when there are two full moons in one month. Think of today as something special and out of the ordinary. Mediate in a group to feel the spiritual power of the day. Take a big step forward into unknown territory.