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By Gail Craig
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Posted May 24, 2007

After roughly five hours of kids birthday parties today, with everything that goes along with them, such as chaos, noise, and sugar, I am decidedly uninspired tonight to write the column. It doesn't help that it is midnight and I'm watching a bad remake of an old horror movie. I should just hit the hay and start fresh tomorrow, but I figured I'd at least start it.

Amelia Rae's big fifth birthday party was today. I thought I had escaped a "theme" when she chose simple floral invitations last week but alas, the Disney Princesses reared their heads when she requested they make an appearance on her cake. As I generally try to make the kids' cakes (unlike Halloween costumes, which are purchased), I set my mind and hands to the task last night of creating the cake per Amelia's request, which went something like this: "I want blue sky and green grass, and all of the princesses, and lots and lots of flowers, and the puffy frosting that looks like this...." While far from perfect, the result pleased Amelia, which is all that really mattered. The party was a success, the kids had fun, everyone got along swimmingly, there were no injuries, and Amelia has claimed five years old as her own.

Sharing fifth birthday honors with Amelia today was Lukas Fenske, who took the second shift, if you will. His party started at 2:30, allowing us and at least one of our party guests time to gather our composure before heading off to do the birthday party scene all over again. As the weather had cleared some by this time, the kids spent much of their time in the hot tub (turned down for safety) and small pool on the deck. They had a magnificent time and for the record, you can fit a lot of five-, six-, and seven-year old kids in a hot tub! Caroline and Reiner Fenske have unusual amounts of patience, as 15 kids traipsed wildly through every conceivable inch of their home, screaming, laughing, and celebrating the joy of the day. Lukas is a charming and sweet boy who seemed to really enjoy his day and his time with his friends.

Happy anniversary to Kevin and Joanne Ryan, who celebrated 30 years of marital bliss in fine style on the cruise ship "Legends" traveling to Grand Cayman in a surprise trip planned by Kevin. Joanne thought she was going off-Island for a weekend trip and that Kevin was going to be heading away for a week of training. However, on the night they left, Kevin filled Joanne in on the real plan. Joanne said that the trip was outstanding and that they had a wonderful time.

Don't forget the ice cream social coming up at the Edgartown School on May 29 from 6 until 8, to benefit first grader Samantha Cassidy, who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Thankfully, her prognosis is good but the battle will be long! The donation is $5 per person, with a $15 cap per family. Refills will be $1. Everything is being donated by some very generous Island businesses, so all the money raised will go to help Samantha and her family during her illness. Everyone is welcome so stop by to support a good cause, enjoy a sweet or two, and see some old friends or make some new ones.

Kelly Hess is pretty much back to work these days, now that the Vineyard Golf Club has opened for the season so she isn't out and about much, but if you happen to see her, be sure to ask her how the elevator is working at the club.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel DeRoche have returned from their "hunting-moon" in Hawaii. Joel and Joanne visited the big island, which they loved, and enjoyed a helicopter tour of the area as well. On at least one day, Joanne enjoyed a day at the spa while king of the hunter/gatherer set, Joel, ventured out for an apparently successful hunting trip. Joel, you're a lucky man. I know a number of women who would be against a hunting-moon, spa or no spa.

Everyone is invited to the Island Memorial Day Picnic on Monday, May 28, noon-4 pm at the Tashmoo Waterworks with free pony rides, ice cream, rowing, games, and live music by The Flying Elbows and Tristan Israel. Bring a picnic and something to grill on the provided hot grills with grill flippers. VTA bus #3 will stop and pick up and drop off at the Tashmoo Overlook by the picnic entrance. Rain date is June 3.

I guess that's it for now. I have searched in vain to try to find information on Memorial Day events on Monday. Check the local listings for parade information and take a moment on Monday to remember all of those who have served their country, past and present.

Have a great week.