Where there's a will...

Photo by Julian K. Robinson

By Julian K. Robinson - May 24, 2007

In an article in the Martha's Vineyard Times of July 15, 2004, I documented the status of osprey pairs at several Vineyard nests and one off-Island. The latter was located atop a harbor signal pylon adjacent to the Steamship Authority pier in Woods Hole.

The birds seemed oblivious to the frequent ferry traffic close by, and according to Steamship Authority personnel, several chicks had hatched and developed there in each of the three years (2002-2004) of the nest's existence. In 2005, however, catastrophe visited the site. Harbor authorities on three occasions allegedly dismantled the nest. Each time, however, the nesting pair patiently rebuilt their home. Unfortunately, no chicks were hatched, and the nest was dismantled that fall, 2005, for the fourth time.

The same pair of birds returned again last year and defiantly built another nest. Apparently allowed to remain, they happily hatched and reared two little ones.

The birds are now back for the 2007 season. They are shown (above) returning to the nest after one of their mid-April courtship displays above the site. Stay tuned.