Closing in on retrograde Mercury

By Arlan Wise - May 31, 2007

Yes, another retrograde Mercury period starts in two weeks. Just in time to cause complications for weddings and graduation parties. You can be proactive and do all your planning and make your reservations now. Order or buy your summer clothing, furniture, and outdoor needs. Call the repair people and have your car serviced. Remember that Mercury retrograde tends to highlight those things you've been meaning to do. Take care of business while you are still in control.

Because Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Cancer, it creates a wonderful energy for family reunions. Celebrate your past and share memories, pictures, and videos with family members. Set up appointments for therapy sessions, psychic readings, or astrology consultations.

Thursday, May 31 Moon in Sagittarius. Today's full moon is a blue moon, that rare occasion when there are two full moons in one month. Think of today as something special and out of the ordinary. Meditate in a group to feel the spiritual power of the day. Take a big step forward into unknown territory.

Friday, June 1 Moon in Sagittarius. This is the fun day of the weekend. You'll feel serious soon and will want to accomplish things, so enjoy today. It's a day for friendly competition, hiking, roaming, and long phone calls to overseas friends. Find a course to take or a workshop to attend. Have ethnic food for dinner.

Saturday, June 2 Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn, 11:09 am. This is not good planting energy; it's much better for cleaning and organizing the garden and yard. Buy the new gardening tools you need. Put in some extra hours on your work. You'll see what needs to be corrected and can figure out a way to do so. Entertain your elderly friends tonight.

Sunday, June 3 Moon in Capricorn. It will be hard to see today as a day off when the energy propels you to either work or think about your career. Sit down and plan out the summer's work schedule. Plan your guest list for summer visitors. It's a good day to sort things out. Do enough work to feel good about it.

Monday, June 4 Moon in Capricorn, VC 5:43 pm until it enters Aquarius at 7:15 pm. Mars and Jupiter dance in glee to give you extra energy and a good amount of luck. Take advantage of their gift and work hard and long. Push yourself to go beyond your usual stopping point in all that you do. You can have fun doing something way out on the fringe tonight.

Tuesday, June 5 Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter continues to bestow his bounty as he stands opposite the sun today. Your mind will be full of ideas and adventures and scenarios of how life could be. Venus enters Leo to bring love and romance to your heart and mind. She says it's time to party and have fun.

Wednesday, June 6 Moon in Aquarius, VC 9:46 pm. you'll need some freedom today, whether it's mental space to think or time to explore alone. You have to go outside that box and see what else is out there. It's a day to experiment with your lifestyle. Try new recipes and change your daily routine.

Thursday, June 7 Moon in Pisces. Be flexible today, follow the energy rather than stick to a schedule. You'll want to believe what you hear, but it may not be the actual truth of the matter. It's as if the words said today are written in the sand at low tide. Listen and don't attach to them. It's a fertile moon for planting. Visit a friend who needs some cheering up.

Friday, June 8 Moon in Pisces. Your tendency to space out and daydream will impact on your work. Relax; it's not the day to be logical and orderly. Let your right brain rule today. Do an act of service or make a donation to a charity that helps people. Meditate by the water. Plant today, the weekend has a barren moon.

Saturday, June 9 Moon in Aries. Uranus and the sun square off today. Hold on and be prepared for an unexpected challenge. There will be disruptions and there will be breakthroughs. It's a high-energy day when you want to be moving at your own pace. Be careful when near or doing anything dangerous, especially concerning water, electricity, sharp objects, and explosives.

Sunday, June 10 Moon in Aries. Take your desires and make them real. There's an abundance of energy for you to use creatively. You need to do what you want today, compromises are for other days. Stay active and try to beat your personal best. Look ahead and take steps to create your future.

Monday, June 11 Moon in Taurus. This is the last workweek with Mercury in direct motion for the next month. It's a solid day with good energy to work long and hard. Today you can write in stone. You can make good decisions and the actions you take will stick. Go over your finances; this is a good day to focus on your money and assets.

Tuesday, June 12 Moon in Taurus, VC 7:12 pm. You have good common sense today and can make sensible decisions about your money. You won't get such a good chance to make changes to your investments for another three weeks. Shop for big-ticket items and for your gardening needs. Buy your music and bring those pictures to be framed.

Wednesday, June 13 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 8:24 am. Resist Neptune's call to space out and dream, and try to focus on getting all of your important communications done. Empty your e-mail inbox, pay the bills, and call about your phone and Internet access plans. Tonight is the dark of the moon; honor Mercury in your ritual.

Thursday, June 14 Moon in Gemini. Mercury is still active giving you today to follow through on your communications and the exchange of ideas and information. Today's new moon in Gemini is an excellent time to practice breathing exercises and to understand how breath is important. Take a yoga class to calm your nerves. Work long and hard to take advantage of the mental activity connected with this moon.