Off North Road

Search for the light

By Russell Hoxsie - May 31, 2007

After reading Henry Grunwald's "Twilight Losing Sight Gaining Insight"

I tried to remember when I first saw light
Oh, I think it be a monstrous task
To float back in time four-score or more
And what places shall I visit or graves must I pass?

I know one who calls to mind the flash of light at birth
Can it be he rescued sight from before he was?
That seems a likely note on a song sung long
When his mother had a back ache and his world was torn.
His light was blinding he remembers well at that
When the air blew cold and his back was whacked
Water over every thing and his breath came loud
With every person present smiling and proud.

This is not the dreadful journey that I sensed at first
For the life I see unfolding in the bright sunshine
Is new to me, I'd figured that I might be blind,
But I knew from warmth and comfort I'd have a magic start

And I would see, yes, all there was,
in all the world to see
Never mind the graves, they have seen it all
Doubtless I will join them when light begins to fade.