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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted May 31, 2007

The children's March to the Sea on May 25 was a beautifully moving event held on a lovely day. Even the little ones from the Montessori school tossed their flowers in remembrance onto the waves. Parents and townspeople and visitors enjoyed the ceremony. Geraldine Brooks's mother was among those appreciating the children's memorial tribute. She is here visiting from her home in Australia. One Tisbury student bugler carefully played taps. Then the tune was echoed by another student out on the pier to beautiful effect.

Everyone is admiring the new Main Street. The paving seems to have fixed all the problems. There are no more steep steps off the curb, and most of the puddles are gone. The shopkeepers have filled their window boxes and planters with pretty blooms. Summer is beckoning, to us as well as our visitors.

The new parking lot continues to feel like a game of musical chairs. With about ten fewer spaces, we seem to all be competing for the same spot. The businesses are right to be concerned. If we cannot park, we will go elsewhere to shop. And it is only May.

Louisa proudly announces that the Louisa Gould Gallery is once again honored as a "Best Of" in the latest issue of "Cape Cod Life Magazine." The Gallery opened in its new location at 54 Main Street last weekend. The larger space offers works of many new artists as well as those of your favorites. Some of the new artists are Kate Huntington, Robert Jewett, Jeanne Campbell, David Highman, Alan Brigish, Leslie Smith, and Linda Ferrini. There are also works by Denys Wortman, Sr., a famous painter and cartoonist from the mid-20th century (and father of our newest selectman).

Louisa says she has photographs and video from the Louis Vuitton Round Robin 1 and 2, held in Valencia, Spain, earlier this month. This is the Challenger series for the upcoming America's Cup in June. All eleven challengers were participating. A special CD is available.

Everyone I know is involved in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on Martha's Vineyard this weekend. This is a reminder that the event starts at 3 pm Friday, June 1, and ends at 12 noon on Saturday, June 2. You can support the teenagers relay throughout the night. Donations are always welcome. The event raises money for research for cures and services for people who are fighting cancers. Less than 10 percent of the money raised goes to administrative costs.

The movie "The World" will be shown Sunday evening at 8 pm at the Cornell Theatre. The film is about a theme park on the outskirts of Beijing, with scaled-down famous landmarks of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower. The site is seen through the eyes of a few of its staff, lonely people who are a bit disillusioned with life. Their lives seem glittering to the tourists but are actually dull and restricted. With English subtitles, the film is presented by the Martha's Vineyard Film Society. Admission is $6.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to Myra Stark, Kelsey Bresnahan, and Fred LaPiana on Sunday. Monday belongs to Josh Kochin of Landscope. Wish the best on Tuesday to Margie Meltzer, Sarah Owens, and Harris Drake.

Heard on Main Street: "Women and cats do as they please. Men and dogs learn to live with it."