A perfect picnic

Lauren Giglio and her daughter Cali
Lauren Giglio is entertained by her daughter Cali as she dances around their picnic spot to music by the Flying Elbows. Photo by Susan Safford

Posted May 31, 2007

The weather was perfect for the annual Tisbury Town Picnic, held this past Monday in celebration of Memorial Day. Children and adults filled the picnic tables and the lawn at the Tisbury Water Works, enjoying free ice cream, hot dogs, and their own picnics in the bright sun.

Katalena Hume
One-year-old Katalena Hume munches on her first watermelon slice.

Maureen DeLoach and Linc Hanson, among others, volunteered their time behind the grill for the hungry crowd, sizzling up everything from hot dogs to kabobs.

There were plenty of activities in addition to eating. Anyone who would put on a life preserver was at liberty to take out a rowboat and row around the pond outside the water works, young children took rides around the pond on miniature horses, and the volleyball net was the scene of spirited matches.

Tristan Israel, Paul Thurlow, and Tom Hodgson sang atop the hill at first, and Nancy Jephcote of the Flying Elbows joined Thurlow and Hodgson during the second half of the picnic.

The water works is currently raising money for a renovation, and the town hopes to use the building for more events in the future.

Willa Welch
Willa Welch is happy with her ice cream cone, courtesy of the Town of Tisbury.
Sam and Nicholas Cranston
Ice cream brings brothers Sam (left) and Nicholas Cranston together. But can they agree on baseball? Photo by Ralph Stewart