Retrograde summer...

By Arlan Wise - June 14, 2007

This is the summer to look back and recreate your favorite moments from past summers. Summer 2007 begins under retrograde Mercury. By the end of July, when Mercury has moved into direct motion, Venus turns retrograde. The flow of energy is backwards; let that be your theme for the summer.

The chart for this summer is full of fire saying that it's not a time to sit still. It will be an opportunity to unleash your creativity. The chart is also saying that you need to speak out and say your mind. Any emotions you leave unexpressed have an ability to make big trouble. Harness your anger so you can use the energy to spur you into positive action.

Venus sits close to Saturn, which indicates that this will be a work intensive summer for all relationships. You need to go back and find closure where there has been none, you need to go speak to that person who hurt you, and it's time to bring static and unfulfilling relationships to an end. You will have to address your wounds and your fantasies and bring it all down to earth.

Mercury is retrograde from June 15 to July 9.

Thursday, June 14 Moon in Gemini. Mercury can't quite slow down yet, so you have today to follow through on your communications and exchange of ideas and information. Today's new moon in Gemini is an excellent time to practice breathing exercises and to understand how breath is important. Take a yoga class to calm your nerves. Work long and hard to take advantage of the mental activity connected with this moon.

Friday, June 15 Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 9:45 am. Mercury turns around and begins to move backwards at 7:40 pm. He is motionless today and your communications will feel suspended in time. Begin to make the transition to trusting your intuitions and feeling rather than your logic. It's an excellent planting day.

Saturday, June 16 Moon in Cancer. It's a weekend to stay home and entertain the family. Memories of summers past come to mind as you prepare for this summer. Call Mom and check in. Spend as much time in your garden as you can. It's prime planting time - the moon is in a water sign and increasing in light. Buy local food and cook a big dinner.

Sunday, June 17 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 1:25 pm. Have an easygoing day. Stay home and nourish yourself, renew your energy whatever way works best for you. Have a family celebration later in the afternoon when the Leo party moon is in effect. You'll feel happy and generous, so write a donation to an organization that helps children.

Monday, June 18 Moon in Leo. Remember that Mercury is retrograde as you start this workweek. Be spontaneous today and be ready to create a new way to do something when the old way fails to work. Open your heart and love everyone. Smile at everyone you see and spread happiness.

Tuesday, June 19 Moon in Leo, VC 5:22 pm until 8:46 when it enters Virgo. The sun and Pluto have their annual face-off and they want to show you the truth behind the words. It is a day when transformation takes place. Have faith and trust that the universe won't show you anything you can't understand. Be prepared for eruptions and endings.

Wednesday, June 20 Moon in Virgo. Today is the last full day of Gemini and the last day of Spring 2007. You'll want to clean up Mercury retrograde messes, both physical and emotional. Mercury rules the day but you'll have to ask him to slow down so you can double-check your work. Don't send anything out without scrutiny.

Thursday, June 21 Moon in Virgo. The sun enters Cancer 2:07 pm and it's summer! Be original in what you do and let the energy just flow through you and out. You can assert yourself in an orderly manner and have good results. Recycle and throw away leftover spring stuff so you can start summer with a clean garage and/or office.

Friday, June 22 Moon in Libra. Let the summer social scene begin this weekend. Tonight is the easier night for a party. It's hard to make plans and dates as they usually change once Mercury goes direct. Have an impromptu luncheon with friends or co-workers. Rearrange the furniture to make better feng shui at home and in the office.

Saturday, June 23 Moon in Libra. Uranus turns retrograde at 10:43 am and this makes for a rocky day. The energy will be unstable and disruptive. Be cautious around water. You'll see another side of the story, which may upset your feelings.

Don't try to hold on to a thing or an opinion, it's a day to let in the new, or to see what you haven't wanted to see.

Sunday, June 24 Moon in Libra, VC from 3:22 pm until 8:26 pm when it enters Scorpio. Mars enters Taurus and slows down. You'll be able to relax and plod along instead of revving on high speed. It is more appropriate energy for a Mercury retrograde period. Plant flowers and flowering bushes.

Monday, June 25 Moon in Scorpio. The day is ripe for emotional expression of all kinds. You'll feel pulled to the past and want to recreate the times and things that made you feel comforted. It's another great planting day. Use today and tomorrow to finish up your yard and garden work.

Tuesday, June 26 Moon in Scorpio, VC 4:23 pm. Continue on with yesterday's activities. Remember that mistakes will happen and not to get upset or blame anyone for them. It's a good day to stick with one project and go in depth. It's a good day for doing research and ferreting out information.

Wednesday, June 27 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 8:24 am. The mood lightens and you need to get out and be with people. Think about what you need to sell or promote and you'll find new ways to do so. You need the freedom to roam and play at your own will. Try going to different places for your daily shopping and coffee break and see who you meet.

Thursday, June 28 Moon in Sagittarius. Open your mind and be ready to think beyond your mental limits. Be willing to consider things you thought were nuts. The sun and Mercury meet, making this the midpoint of this retrograde period. Today's ideas are seeds for the future and will start to become visible in a couple of weeks.