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By Gail Craig
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Posted June 14, 2007

Happy Flag Day! Thanks to my mom and Pat Alley, I think my sister and I remember the date of Flag Day (June 14) as much as we remember our own names! Sometimes, the things that get passed down in the family are odd, aren't they?

Three years ago, in May and June, I put various gardens in around the house, both vegetable and flower. I was so proud to be able to show my mother that I was continuing the tradition that she had shared with me growing up. She passed away that July, but I was so grateful that she had gotten to see the start of my gardening.

The following year, all of these cosmos, one of Buzzy's favorites, came up in my flower bed and I remember thinking "clearly, Buzzy is here with me. It's like she sent these to me." I was really intrigued by the potential other-worldliness of the whole experience. What I have since come to realize, in the last two years of gardening, is that the miracle of cosmos would be if I could rid myself of those darned things! Man, they just want to take over, and, much as I like them, due more to my mother than the actual flower, they would take over the entire property if I let them! If we could figure out how to feed the world with cosmos, bittersweet, and poison ivy, no one would starve!

The Martha's Vineyard Cultural Council invites the public to a community input meeting, where your thoughts and suggestions will serve to strengthen the council's outreach and effectiveness. In the past couple of years, relates Edgartown resident and council secretary Pia Webster, the number of applications from Edgartown artists, historians, and interpretative scientists has been low when compared to the number from other, smaller Island towns. She hopes, she says, that this has little to do with the level of creativity in the Shiretown but with Edgartonians' not being aware of the council's grants program.

The meeting is set for Monday, June 18, at 7:30 pm at the Howes House in West Tisbury (just across from Alley's General Store). And if you'd like a copy of the council's annual report, with a list of the projects funded in 2006, call Mrs. Webster at the Edgartown Water Department at 508-627-4717.

Andy Walsh graduated this Sunday from Martha's Vineyard Regional High School! After graduation, his family held a get-together to congratulate him at their home on Night Heron Road. His sister Cassandra, now living in a residential school, was able to attend the party and also celebrate her 16th birthday. Andy will be attending The University of Hartford in the fall. Their brother Kevin will celebrate his 13th birthday later this summer.

Very special happy birthday wishes go out to Jackson and Julia Crocker, son and daughter of Jean and John Crocker. The twins turn 7 on June 15. The family will have celebrated a little early with the arrival of John's family from Atlanta, Miami, and Connecticut for their annual "Crocker Family Fishing Fest" from June 9 to June 14.

Once again, the Island community is pulling together for a good cause. On Sunday, June 24, there will be a fund-raising event at Outerland on behalf of Samantha Cassidy, six-year-old daughter of Debbie Grant and Mike Cassidy, who is currently undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Entertainment will be provided by the amazingly talented Joanne Cassidy and Friends. Admission is $20, doors open at 8 pm and additional donations on Samantha's behalf will be accepted.

This morning, half of the graduating class from Rainbow Place was lucky enough to go out on board the boat Skipper for a boat ride/fishing trip. Rainbow classmate Max Potter, along with his mom, Susan, and dad, Captain John Potter, took the group out for a couple of hours of fun and very successful catch-and-release fishing. We were greeted by the captain and crew at Oak Bluffs Harbor and once aboard, the crew helped everyone with how to use the gear and was kind enough to bait the hooks for those who weren't too thrilled with the idea of touching the bait. I must say, "Captain John" knew where to go! Every kid caught at least one fish and there was much screaming and merriment aboard. It was a little rough on the water and there were some queasy bellies, but everyone had a great time. The other half of the group is scheduled to hit the seas tomorrow. Thank you to Max, Susan, and Captain John for sharing your boat and fishing expertise with us. It was great fun!

Congratulations to all who graduated from Martha's Vineyard Regional High School last week. Enjoy your summer and good luck in your futures!

That's about it. Have a great week.