The nature of art

A frame made of bamboo stretches across the e'kaya gallery roof. Photos by Danielle Zerbonne

By Danielle Zerbonne - June 21, 2007

Last Saturday e'kaya Gallery presented "Seasonal Transformations, Part 1," an outdoor exhibit by artist Rhonda Hershey. Styled as a "site specific sculptural installation," the work is crafted from natural materials and found objects from around the Island. Leaves, flowers, and other organic matter attached with thorns to the weathered wooden shingles of the gallery create an ever-changing mosaic as the items shrivel and dry. Hershey used bamboo to create larger formations, arching them over the gallery roof and displaying them in varied shapes in a small grassy field. "Seasonal Transformations" will change and shift through the summer, as the environment adds its own artistic touches to the work. The installation will be available for viewing sunrise to sunset at e'kaya Gallery on 977 State Road in Tisbury, behind the Scottish Bakehouse.

Rhonda Hershey
Rhonda Hershey works on an outdoor exhibit.
Bamboo spikes and grasses make up a large sculpture.
Leaves, speared with thorns, decorate the side of the gallery wall.