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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted June 21, 2007

You may have met Barbara Stanley in town. She is a clinical professor of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Now that classes are over for the summer she is enjoying her home here. Barbara is the former president of the Massachusetts Nurses Association and is busy with professional interests that compete with her love of Island fishing and boating. Her top interests these days, however, are her grandchildren: two-year-old Thomas, son of Steve Stanley, and Phillip, aged twelve, son of Christopher Stanley. Little Thomas was here two weeks ago for a long visit with his parents, and Phillip is here from time to time.

Louisa Gould is very pleased with the progress being made on her gallery. The Louisa Gould Gallery will be open a week from tomorrow, the 29th. Mark your calendar. The Grand Re-Opening Party is Saturday, July 14, from 5 to 8 pm at 54 Main Street. Madame Falgoux and Louisa Gould Gallery will co-host the event. See you there.

From all accounts the pig roast at Shirley's was a big hit with the firemen and their families. The entertainment included the old-time cars visiting the Island. Some of those antique cars are in better shape than most you see on the road every day. The hoods were up, to show that even their engines were pretty and shiny.

It is summer time. That means it is a dangerous time to be a pedestrian, especially on Main Street. Every weekday morning cars stop at the pedestrian crosswalk on Main Street only when the policeman happens to be nearby. Most mornings I thank him for being there. Other days I often have to wait until a crowd gathers.

The NAACP Spirituals Choir is really an educational experience. They enthralled the group gathered at Featherstone last weekend. The informational pieces were very interesting and the music was simply grand. The audience was singing and clapping and happily enjoying the whole production. The choir was raising money to cover their travel costs to perform at the program of the relaunching of the Amistad last evening in Connecticut.

Remember the little ones are out of school. They never remember to stop for traffic. Your job is to stop for them. The rule is that every ball that rolls into the street will be followed by a child.

If you missed Marsha Winsryg's craft sale to benefit the children's homes in Zambia, you have another chance. She will show the film of her recent visit to the Upeme orphanage and the Mama Bakhita Home for Disabled Children at her house on New Lane on Saturday, June 30. She has brought back unusual items to sell, including two modern folk carvings of working women. All proceeds benefit the children's homes.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Ed Herczeg. Next Monday is party day. Celebrating are Carly Simon, Jack O'Callaghan, and Margo Ortiz.

Wish the best on Tuesday to Barbara Barstow and Nancy Cryer.

Heard on Main Street: "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."