Mercury's still retrograde...

By Arlan Wise - June 28, 2007

One of my astrologer friends believes that retrograde Mercury periods are a key factor for our sanity. It is a time that teaches us to let go of control, to give up planning and to accept the unknown and unexpected. It is a time to let go of the security of the known and be open to deviation. You encounter problems that need alternative solutions and this is the chance to find them. It is a time to be flexible while reflecting on the past and to be open to change the parts of your life that don't work anymore.

Mercury will end this retrograde period on July 9. He will remain in direct motion until October 12.

Venus will turn retrograde on July 27 and remain so until September 9. Venus rules love and money. Put those areas of your life in order before she turns retrograde.

Thursday, June 28 Moon in Sagittarius. Open your mind and be ready to think beyond your mental limits. Be willing to consider things you thought were nuts. The sun and Mercury meet today, marking the midpoint of this retrograde period. Today's ideas are seeds for the future and will start to become visible in a couple of weeks.

Friday, June 29 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 1:07 pm until 6:05 pm when it enters Capricorn. Think about how you want to expand the limits of your life. Give your ideas broad scope this morning, be as daring as you can, and turn them into something practical in the afternoon. Go back over the week's work with a critical eye looking for Mercury retrograde mistakes.

Saturday, June 30 Moon in Capricorn. Use today's full moon energy to look back at the first six months of 2007 and see what you need to work on. How have you done with your new year's resolutions? You'll want to get some work done today. This will be a very romantic evening where you can be fooled by a sweet-talking guy or gal.

Sunday, July 1 Moon VC in Capricorn. Take the day off!!! Don't try to do or accomplish. You can make lists and notes of your thoughts, but nothing you do today will come to completion. Give yourself a lazy Sunday afternoon to hang out in the hammock. You'll see last night's illusions with a sober outlook.

Monday, July 2 Moon in Aquarius. Remember that Mercury being retrograde compromises your work all this week. It's better to think and plan and dream rather than act. Do what you must and do what you have set up to be done. Join in on some volunteer work or help fund-raise for a cause.

Tuesday, July 3 Moon in Aquarius. Honor your idealism and act for the good of others. Find your own patriotic way to celebrate the nation's birthday (which may have been yesterday, according to David McCullough's research). You can heal some very old wounds caused by rigid opinions. Examine your mind and your beliefs.

Wednesday, July 4 Moon in Pisces. There's a sentimental feeling to the day. Sights and smells will provoke memories of childhood 4th of July's. The compassion inherent in a Pisces moon will turn your feelings towards those who have sacrificed their lives for our country and towards how you can help to end the war.

Thursday, July 5 Moon in Pisces. Your emotions and sensitivity are on overdrive. Be still like a cat and you'll feel the undercurrents surrounding your life. The flow of energy is to help others. Visit a shut-in friend, do a task for a neighbor, help clean up the public areas. Spend time by the water. Meditate to its rhythm. Be ready to wake up and write down your dreams.

Friday, July 6 Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 10:57 am. This is the morning to sleep in. Your time is much better spent in dreaming under this moon than in trying to get anything done. You can receive messages for healing. You'll be energetic for the rest of the day. Make your agenda for next week and what you want to accomplish.

Saturday, July 7 Moon in Aries. Try to grab this weekend to spend time following your personal interests. Summer moves so quickly and there's a lot you want to do. Challenge yourself in some way. Face your fears and do the daring stuff. You need to get away from family obligations for a while although it will cause conflict.

Sunday, July 8 Moon in Aries, VC from 9:06 am until 1:54 pm when it enters Taurus. Get your exercise done in the morning so you can enjoy a lazy afternoon. Putter around in the garden, as the moon is fertile in the afternoon. Mow the lawn and savor the smell. You can have an intensely exciting evening with your loved one.

Monday, July 9 Moon in Taurus. Mercury is motionless all day and turns into direct motion at 10:16 pm. Hold off on important signings and orders for one more day. Garden and plant. Take care of houseplants. It's a day for moving slowly and being patient. Bring beauty into your environment.

Tuesday, July 10 Moon in Taurus, VC from 12:54 pm until 4:10 pm when it enters Gemini. Be mindful of the afternoon VC period so it doesn't cancel your actions. Try to get all your important work done in the morning. Shop in the morning for items of luxury and comfort. Pick flowers and put them all around.

Wednesday, July 11 Moon in Gemini. You'll feel like speeding ahead and multi-tasking like crazy. However, this is an old moon so it's best to wait until after the new moon on the 15th to start your new projects. These are the days to think and talk and exchange information.

Thursday, July 12 Moon in Gemini, VC from 5:12 until 6:39 when it enters Cancer. It's one of those hard to sit still days. You'll be finding out what you missed during the past three weeks and setting things straight. Cook a good dinner from local foods tonight. Eat together as a family. Catch up on your sleep.