Season opener at The Yard

Katie Diamond
Katie Diamond performs this weekend at the Yard in Chilmark. Photo by Scott Groller

Posted June 28, 2007

The Yard's 35th annual Patricia N. Nanon Residency culminates this weekend with a program of new works by Yard founder Patricia Nanon, guest choreographer Jonathan Riedel of the José Limón Company, and Yard alumna Catherine Miller.

The opportunity to work at The Yard is a dream for dancers and choreographers world-wide. The artists performing this weekend were selected from a pool of more than 80 professional dancers in a full weekend of intensive auditions in New York City. They include Katie Diamond of the Limón Company, Yard alumna Catherine Miller, who has danced with several of the leading names in contemporary dance, Kristen Arnold, Lisa Iannacito, James McGinn, Vershawn Sanders, and Jerome Stigler. Kristen Arnold describes dancing at The Yard as an experience "that parallels nothing else in the field."

This premiere performance celebrates Yard founder Patricia Nanon's 35th year of creating new work at The Yard. Artistic director Wendy Taucher says, "It's so exciting to see the creative process in action. I sat in on one of Patricia's rehearsals the other day and loved what I was seeing. I think Patricia's new piece, 'Water Sketches,' is her best work yet. I told her so, and she grinned and said, 'yes, I really like it too.' Once we got going, the piece told me what to do." Ms. Taucher continues, "People call it the zone. Ballplayers talk about being able to read a ball going at 90 miles an hour as if its in slow motion. Artists have the same experience when they're immersed in the process. The work takes on a life of its own."

Founded in 1973 by Patricia N. Nanon, The Yard is recognized for excellence in dance locally, nationally, and internationally. The Yard supports the creation of new work by providing choreographers and dancers with housing, stipends, rehearsal space, public performance opportunities, artistic guidance, and, above all, uninterrupted time to explore and experiment. In addition to its residencies, the Yard presents the work of world-class dance and performing artists, and brings leading dance educators to children and adults through its creative and multi-cultural artists-in-the-schools programs and community classes.

The Yard is supported in part by the National Endowment for The Arts, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Martha's Vineyard Cultural Council, among others.

Choreographer residency dance performance at the Yard, Middle Road, Chilmark, begins Thursday, June 28, 6:30 pm, special pre- and post-show receptions. Tickets are $100 for premium seating; $50 for general admission; $25 for seniors and under 30 years old. Friday, June 29, Saturday, June 30, and Sunday, July 1, 8 pm, Tickets are $50 for premium seating; $25 for general admission; $15 for seniors and under 30 years old. For reservations, call The Yard at (508) 645-9662. For more information, visit