A small window of opportunity

By Arlan Wise - July 12, 2007

Mercury is direct and moving forward, after a longer and more difficult than usual retrograde period, but Venus will be turning retrograde on July 27. There is a two-week window for action. This means you want to take care of all the major things that must be done, bought, invested, initiated, signed, and proposed in the next two weeks.

Venus rules love and money. These will be the issues under review as well as the area in your chart that holds Venus, Taurus, and Libra. Buy expensive items, real estate, and art now. Don't wait, there won't be any bargains later on. Firm up relationships now, take your romance to the next level if you're ready, but don't make any decisions about the relationship if you have doubts.

This will be the last summer for 29 years that the sun and Saturn are together in Leo. It gives the month a serious tone and makes work and responsibility priorities over fun.

Thursday, July 12 Moon in Gemini, VC from 5:12 pm until 6:39 pm when it enters Cancer. It's one of those hard-to-sit-still days. You'll be finding out what you missed during the past three weeks and setting things straight. Cook a good dinner from local foods tonight. Eat together as a family. Catch up on your sleep.

Friday, July 13 Moon in Cancer. Wind up the week's work and go home and nurture yourself. Go back to your childhood comforts. Share the evening and a meal with those who feel like they are in your soul family or your tribe. It's the dark of the moon, a time when your energy is at a low point but a good time for ritual.

Saturday, July 14 Moon in Cancer, VC from 8:04 am until 10:43 pm when it enters Leo. The whole day is VC, so take it easy. It's a day to sleep late and putter around the house. Go swimming and enjoy all watery activities. Hang out in the garden, it's a fertile moon. Venus enters Virgo to give you a more critical perspective and tips on fixing your love and money issues.

Sunday, July 15 Moon in Leo. Have your summer fun today. Make each moment a party. Leave the chores and go into vacation mode, even if just for today. Shine like the sun. Let your heart override your mind when it comes to your relationship. There's plenty of time to get serious, but not today.

Monday, July 16 Moon in Leo. It will be hard to go back to work since this is such playful energy. It's a good time to be on vacation. Be creative in your work and make the innovations that will put your Mercury retrograde ideas to good use. Have a party for your co-workers who are born in July.

Tuesday, July 17 Moon in Virgo. This is a wonderful day to work, you deserve it after a frustrating month. It will feel like a good thing to be working, it can be positively pleasurable. Make appointments to take care of health related issues, both for you and for your pets. Make a list of what you want to do before Venus goes retrograde next week.

Wednesday, July 18 Moon in Virgo. Take time to help those in your circle of friends and acquaintances who need a hand. Visit sick and shut in friends and relatives and offer them comfort. Sort through a lot of the messes you see around you. Clean up after Mercury retrograde mishaps. Do tomorrow's work today.

Thursday, July 19 Moon in Virgo, VC from 9:44 am until 3:53 pm when it enters Libra. Get to work early to get the important tasks done before the moon goes void. The rest of the day is best spent in cleaning, sorting, recycling, and tidying up. Go out with friends this evening and enjoy the summer nightlife.

Friday, July 20 Moon in Libra. Today and tomorrow are the social party-giving, party-going days of this weekend. You'll want to do things your own way and be able to find some excitement in your actions. It's a day for exploration. Do something different and a bit shocking tonight.

Saturday, July 21 Moon in Libra. Today is a perfect day to hold your parties, fund-raisers, and other social events. Shop for art, jewelry, music, and other Venus-ruled items while she is still in direct motion. Have that serious talk today if you want to move your relationship forward or rebalance anything that feels uncomfortable.

Sunday, July 22 Moon in Scorpio. Today is one of those prime planting days. Use your intuition to hear where the plants want to be placed. It's the last day of Cancer, and the last day for a while with an emphasis on water with its connection to emotion, non-verbal understanding, and the world of feelings. It's okay to be moody and to let others be so too.

Monday, July 23 Moon in Scorpio. The sun enters Leo at 1 am. We are now in the most intense and the most fun part of the summer. There's another long VC period tomorrow, so take care of important business today. You can play tomorrow. Make sure your finances are in order, as you won't want to change anything in the next six weeks.

Tuesday, July 24 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 4:29 pm. You'll run into a lot of confusion as you go about your day. It will be hard to go from point A to point B in a straight line. Do the minimum of linear, left-brain work and let your artistic side take over. The mood lifts in the afternoon and you can go out and work off your angst.

Wednesday, July 25 Moon in Sagittarius. It's hard to be gloomy on a fiery day like today. Go do your favorite sport and find some friendly competition. Take a risk or two. Find a book or lecture to stimulate your mind. Eat at an ethnic restaurant and trade travel stories with your friends. Have an adventure.

Thursday, July 26 Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:13 pm. This is the last day with Venus direct for six weeks. She's slowed down and is barely moving, but you can still secure your Venus-related issues (she rules love and money) today, but don't act in haste and create problems. Do that something you've always wanted to do but had too many reasons not to.