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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted July 12, 2007

Kaylee Harnen is from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. She brought her friend Maura Fawcett along for a visit to her grandparents Dan and Barbara Harnen over the holiday. Kaylee and Maura were en route to hockey camp in Canada. Then Kaylee will return for another visit with her grandparents. Kaylee is the daughter of Mark and Jane Harnen.

Louisa Gould invites you to the grand reopening of her Gallery at 54 Main Street on Saturday from 5 to 8 pm. A complete renovation has been finished after the water damage caused by a small fire. Fortunately, the art work suffered no damage. One of the artists now being featured is glass artist Jeffery P'an who creates vases so beautiful there should be another word to describe them. Louisa describes his work as an intensely colored fused and blown glass mosaic technique in vessel forms. They must be seen to be believed.

Louisa was also the Official Photographer for the Vineyard Cup Regatta. Her individual images, as well as the Vineyard Cup CD, are available at the gallery.

After the gallery visit on Saturday night you can enjoy the cabaret performance at 7:30 pm at the Tisbury Senior Center. This is part of the Ninth annual Island Performer's Workshop for singers and pianists.

Take time to smell the roses. We have all heard this suggestion, but do you do it? This is the time of year where you hardly have to pause to inhale the fragrance from the many old-fashioned roses draping over fences all over town. While the modern roses are pretty but do not have much perfume, the old-style scented roses remind us to pause and reflect on the pleasures all around us.

Also now bursting into bloom are neighborhood yard sales: Has everyone now cleaned out the attic and basement? I have reached the age when my answers for gift suggestions are for consumables. You know, those are items that can be used up and will not ever need dusting. All kinds of paper goods are welcome, including books, of course. House guests are often told just to bring the food and drinks they prefer.

As our weather warms up, so does the ocean. Just as I begin to think the water is warm enough to swim, so do our visitors. A large batch of the red stinging jellyfish have arrived. Swim carefully, and bring along the meat tenderizer, which is supposed to ease the pain from the stings.

The parking lot at Water Street has everybody complaining. If one person is not complaining about the bad layout, another is complaining that the lot is blocked off by trucks for yet another round of invisible work. I would say that this is a great example of why you should attend town meetings, but those of us opposing the changes were voted down by others who were there and thought it was a good idea. Maybe we should vote again.

Want to join others for supper this summer? Call 508-696-8040 to see how you can help. The First Baptist Church will serve a community meal every Wednesday evening through August. The meal will be served from 5:30 to 6 pm at the Parish House on William Street. Donations are accepted but not required.

Happy anniversary to Jack and Marilyn O'Callaghan on Tuesday.

Last Sunday while the town celebrated its 1671 birthdate, Jynell Kristal celebrated her centuries more recent birthday. You may know her as an owner of the Crocker House Inn or as the designer of colorful Vineyard glassware by Jynell or as the mother of Evan and Emma, who were featured in the hospital's latest fund-raising letter. Also partying last week were Betty Jette and Laura Christina Jahn.

Wish the best today to Betsey Mayhew and tomorrow to Nevenka Daniels. Saturday belongs to Cord Bailey and Michele Jones. Jocelyn Ciancio Broadley will party on Sunday. Jim Richardson marks his special day on Monday. Happy birthday to Chris Clark on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: "If it honks, it's a tourist."