Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted July 19, 2007

We have a new Library Director!

By a unanimous vote of the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees, Beth Kramer was offered the job and she immediately accepted at our Trustee's meeting last Thursday evening. Everybody in town has come up to every one of us on the Board to state their preference and support for Beth. I know we all can feel that our library is in capable hands.

Beth and Nelia Decker, as co-interim directors, and the entire library staff have done an exceptional job throughout the past months. Thank you all.

I was also asked to mention that the former Reading Room has been set up with a power strip to make it accessible for laptop computer use this summer. Apparently, the two long tables are filled all day with delighted laptop users. We plan to have in-place wiring done when things settle down at the end of the season.

Everything at the Farmer's Market and the various farm stands has been so beautiful. It has certainly been hot enough, but with no rain it's hard to believe anything can grow. The daylilies are out along the roadsides; with no tending at all they flourish and their dusky orange color seems to pulsate against the green background. They seem to symbolize "welcome" at the head of so many New England driveways.

Nancy Accola has had Alejandro Chu as her guest. Nancy is one of the artists and summer friends I look forward to seeing every year, and this year I had the pleasure of meeting Alejandro.

Anne Buchsbaum of Queens, N.Y., longtime friend of the Baker-Gorenberg family, has been here since last Thursday. She saw Leslie's paintings at Shaw Cramer, attended the MV/Amherst Alumni Dinner, and enjoyed the lawn chairs in the garden. Anne is a print expert and author, so came to see Ruth Kirchmeier's retrospective, and had lunch on my porch with Ruth, Leslie, and me.

Ernie Mendenhall spent Saturday at a car show in Rutland, Vt., called RAVE (Rutland Area Vehicle Enthusiasts) where he saw "a lot of snazzy cars." He was full of descriptions of kits for tricking up little cars like Hondas and Hyundais, "low to the ground with window-breaking sound systems in back" and doors that swing up or open in reverse. "Suicide doors" and a PT Cruiser turned into a pickup truck with a 23-inch bed also earned kudos as "quite slick." After 23 years with my husband and many nights by his side in front of the television watching "Trick my Truck," "Orange City Choppers," and various other what-I-call "garage shows" I actually enjoy these conversations and was eager to hear Ernie's comments about the show. Kathy was happy that Ernie came home without having bought any new vehicles, tools, or engine parts.

Along those lines, I just got off the phone with George Hartman, another engine aficionado. George and Andrea, with Bill Honey and Hilary Bloxsum, entertained visitors from off-Island for a relaxing weekend. Phil St. Jean, his wife, sister, and brother-in-law all came from Rhode Island. I had met Phil at last fall's Antique Engine Show here in West Tisbury. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and mechanics of engines and an easy manner of sharing that information. Between lobster dinners and time on the beach, the guys did manage to get in a little time together working on one of Bill's engines, "trying to get the thing going."

Town Hall employees and various town officials gathered at the Howes House last Thursday afternoon after work to wish long-time Assessor Joanne Resendes well as she leaves her position in West Tisbury to assume that job in Edgartown. Pam Thors and Tamsin Sprague will be taking care of our town's business until a new Assessor is hired. I have enjoyed knowing Joanne all these years and will miss her competent advice when I needed it. Filling out forms has never been "my thing" and I could always count on Joanne to help me along. We all wish you well in Edgartown and now have an excuse to drop into their Town Hall once in a while.

Debbie Phillips will be the featured session speaker for the spouses of the Governors at this year's Ninety-ninth Annual Governor's Conference in Traverse City, Michigan. She was invited to speak by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. It will be "a fun homecoming" for Debbie; 20 years ago she was press secretary for then-Governor Richard Celeste and attended the same meeting in that capacity. Debbie's goddaughter, Julia Celeste, granddaughter of said governor, is spending her fifth summer on the Vineyard with Debbie and her husband Rob Barkley. Julia is an avid IMPer, so enjoying her busy summer here.

Ginny Jones sent me a warning about checking wires and electrical cords around the house to make sure they are not over-heating. It is something we all take for granted, that they are just there and that they work. Cords can become frayed and overheated, especially old appliances and computers and other office equipment that are left on all the time. As many of you remember, Ginny had a bad house fire last year. She believes that it was the result of an overheating transformer in her printer, which was apparently on although the computer was not. Hence her warning. So please take a few minutes to make sure your house is safe and don't leave things on when you aren't using them, especially when you leave the house.

The Friends of the Library are still looking for volunteers to help at their Annual Book Sale. Cashiers are especially needed. If interested, you may sign up at the Library. The Book Sale will be held July 27 through 30 at the West Tisbury School.

"Happy Birthday" to Margaret Logue who will be celebrating with a family dinner on July 16.