Venus becomes retrospective...

By Arlan Wise - July 26, 2007

Think back to 1999. During the summer, from late July until early September, Venus was retrograde in the same place in your chart as she will be this summer. There will be a recurrence of the person or people, feelings, delights and sorrows of that time, or, you will see a thread of events that connect to that time. Venus retrograde is a time to reflect on how we handle the life issues of love, relationship, happiness, and money.

Venus turns retrograde on July 27 and will remain so until September 8. She will travel backwards from 2 degrees of Virgo to 16 degrees of Leo. That is the area of your life where this review will take place.

This is a very good time to be on vacation.

Thursday, July 26 Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:13 pm. This is the last day with Venus direct for six weeks. She's slowed down and is barely moving, but you can still secure your Venus related issues (she rules love and money) today, but don't act in haste and create problems. Do that something you've always wanted to do but had too many reasons not to.

Friday, July 27 Moon in Capricorn. Venus turns retrograde at 1:27 pm. Keep this in mind as you do your business dealings. You now want to think and rethink how you are spending your money. It's a good day to work hard and long. You will aim for perfection and not be happy with shoddy workmanship.

Saturday, July 28 Moon in Capricorn. Good work energy continues today. It's a good day to meet your work-related social obligations. Try not to be too critical as you see the imperfections that surround you. Figure out ways to conserve more energy and water at home and at work. Your mind will be full of good ideas.

Sunday, July 29 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 9:14 am. Today is the full moon, a time to express the fullness of summer. Have a party, hold a fund-raiser, and be sure to attend a social function of some sort. It's a day to be with other people. Share the group spirit. Take a yoga class, take part in a group meditation, or go to a church service.

Monday, July 30 Moon in Aquarius. The moon has her monthly session with Chiron today. It is an excellent time for therapy of all kinds. Think about ways to heal old wounds by talking to the ones who inflicted them. Break up the routine of the day with a lunch date or by visiting friends. Allow yourself to space out tonight into a science fiction world.

Tuesday, July 31 Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 1:40 pm. It's a long dreamy morning when it will be hard to get much done. There will be struggles today as you try to stand your ground. Pick up a half-finished artistic project and decide if you want to complete it. Revisit a work of art you love.

Wednesday, August 1 Moon in Pisces. Today is Beltane, the Celtic holiday that celebrates the first harvest. Follow your intuition. Let yourself do something quirky. Play hooky and go to the water to lose yourself in the sounds and motion as you immerse yourself. Pay attention to your daydreams, which have hidden messages for you.

Thursday, August 2 Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:37 am until 4:43 pm when it enters Aries. It's one of those make-a-wish days. It's easy to be happy and upbeat, so enjoy yourself today. You'll be lucky in both love and cards if you take a chance. Be bold tonight and express your love. Get in touch with the dreams you have for your life.

Friday, August 3 Moon in Aries. Yesterday's gift of hope and enthusiasm continues. Take a risk and challenge yourself to go beyond your normal boundaries. You'll have non-stop energy to keep going at high speed all day. The only problem will be in moving so fast you leave things and other people behind.

Saturday, August 4 Moon in Aries, VC from 1:31 pm until 7:16 pm when it enters Taurus. Mercury enters Leo today to help you express yourself with more drama and flare. Try to beat your personal best in your favorite sport or practice. Take time to do what you want to do. Have a sumptuous gourmet meal tonight.

Sunday, August 5 Moon in Taurus. Hang out in the garden and put in a second planting. It will feel good to put your hands in the earth. It's a day to enjoy summer and laze around and to leave the work and worries for tomorrow. Chiron is prominent today and asks you to examine your emotional responses for clues to how to heal your problems.

Monday, August 6 Moon in Taurus, VC from 9:50 pm until 10:01 pm when it enters Gemini. Jupiter turns direct tonight. Luck won't be slipping away anymore. The energy is intense today; you need some physical activity to counteract the tension. You can be in the right place at the right time and find bargains and opportunities.

Tuesday, August 7 Moon in Gemini. Mars enters Gemini this morning. You'll find yourself moving faster and able to do two things at once. Now is the time to start that writing project. You'll feel challenged to put your ideas into some form, either literary, artistic, or a useful craft. Stick with short tasks.

Wednesday, August 8 Moon in Gemini. Venus backs into Leo where she will spend the rest of her retrograde period. It time to talk to old loves and ask those questions you've wondered about. See if you can separate the love from the hurt feelings. You'll find yourself pulled in many directions today, so don't try to do only one thing.

Thursday, August 9 Moon in Cancer. It may be easier to talk about your feelings today if you have been in a continuing dialogue. There's imaginative energy in the air and it's a good day to let your mind and/or hands be free to create. It's a fertile moon for planting. Cook outdoors over a fire. Tomorrow is a VC moon day so do the important work today.