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By Gail Craig
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Posted July 26, 2007

Can you believe that we're into the final days of July already? I'm completely amazed by that fact myself. In fact, as I write this, the air feels more like a late August night than late July. The summers seem to pass so quickly and I can already feel that little inkling of dread in my stomach that always comes with the end of summer. I was really meant to live in the Caribbean, I'm sure. How I ended up in New England, I'll never know.

I've been thinking a lot of my father-in-law lately, probably due to the upcoming celebration of his life and the photo displays and slideshow that Jamie has been putting together. He has spent a lot of time over the last few months going over old family photos and slides with Shirley and has worked very hard on putting together a lovely tribute slideshow for Phil. I sat down and watched it with Jamie the other night and was touched by the effort he has put in to honor his dad, as well as by the life that Phil lived. Through the years, Phil and I would often spar, always in jest, about our opposing views. And though I would never have given him the satisfaction of agreeing with him too easily in life, his passing has made me realize that we are only on this planet for a short time and we don't get a second chance so we'd better make our best effort to get it right the first time. Phil certainly gave it his best shot and I think he set a great example of how to live life to the fullest.

Riley's birthday was a huge success this weekend; he declared it his best birthday ever.

Those of you who read last week's column will be happy to know that he did indeed receive the force action light saber. He had a great time with his friends and was basically a very happy boy for the day. I, on the other hand, am getting a little tired of hearing "the flurry of lights and sounds" from the light saber.

Happy birthday to Lila Sullivan, who turned 10 years old on July 25.

The kids and I are heading to New Hampshire for a few days vacation soon, the first summer vacation I've ever taken. We're heading up to my cousin Jen Corwin Van Gelder's place in Bethlehem, while Jamie holds down the fort at home. It should be a fun trip with some new experiences for the kids, such as freshwater lake swimming, and though I dread the drive I look forward to the time relaxing with the kids. I just hope the bears leave us alone!

Jamie and the kids saved another turtle the other day, crossing the West Tisbury Road. I think that ups the Craig family saves to seven. Thanks to all the vehicles that stopped and waited for Jamie to herd the critter to safety.

Anyone looking for something for the kids to do for the summer should remember that the Imp summer camp program has moved to the Edgartown School this year. They run one- and two-week programs and you can get more information by calling 508-939-9368 or on their web site at

I took the motorcycle out for the first time this morning. I rode around West Tisbury, in lower traffic areas while I familiarized myself with riding it again. It was fun but it made me realize that I want to sell it. It was worth buying and learning to ride, overcoming a fear of doing something new but it just really isn't "me." I came to realize today that my true vehicle identity lies somewhere between motorcycle and middle-aged mom of two mini-vans. Something along the lines of a Jeep Wrangler would be more in keeping with my personality, I think. So if you want to buy the bike or sell me a Jeep, feel free to get in touch with me.

I'm finishing the column up late this week, having just returned from the beach on Monday night. Today would have been Buzzy's 70th birthday. I picked up some lobster and a bottle of champagne and Roxie and I had a fancy dinner down at the waters edge at my mom's favorite beach spot, the same spot where we spread her ashes three years ago. Instead of feelings of sadness, I felt a certain peace, knowing that she would have enjoyed the outing herself. Though I never feel her when I'm there, it's still a nice spot to visit with her. Happy birthday, Mom!

That's it! Have a great week.