Smile and wave

Kim Carrigan and Doug Goudie
Fox 25 news anchor Kim Carrigan and commentator Doug "VB" Goudie in Ocean Park last Friday.

Posted July 26, 2007

When Fox 25 News came to Oak Bluffs last week, the crowds were sure to follow. When the cameras rolled on Friday morning from Ocean Park, people waved and cheered. The morning news team takes to the road each Friday in the summer for something called a Zip Trip, the location identified by its zip code. Last week it was 02557 and Oak Bluffs laid out the welcome mat for anchorperson Kim Carrigan and commentator Doug "VB" Goudie.

Food from Island restaurants such as Smoke 'n' Bones, Lobster Tails, and the Katama General Store filled the tent and gave viewers a sense of our Island bounty. There was much good-natured ribbing among guests and on-air personalities. Gifts were presented such as fire department tee-shirts and hats, which were graciously accepted by the news team. Books were also collected for children and will be donated to the literacy project, Reach Out and Read.

Ms. Carrigan said she enjoys these trips very much because she learns things about the towns she might never have known. She was excited about this trip to the Vineyard because she could share the experience with her two children.

Many hours of preparation go into these Zip Trips. The producers rely on the Chamber of Commerce for must-see locations and for people to interview. Ms. Carrigan said in an interview, "These trips are a three-hour, chamber of commerce moment." On Friday, the Island made the best of its moment.

Lenny Clarke and Panhead Mike, with Doug Goudie
The news team meets the home team. (From left) Lenny Clarke and Panhead Mike, with Doug "VB" Goudie.
Barsha Tolin and Ron Tolin
In a multi-media blitz, Barsha Tolin (left) and Ron Tolin get on television, use a sign, and make a cell phone call to get their message out.