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By Gail Craig
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Posted August 2, 2007

Happy August, everyone! It's official now. It feels like a starter pistol has just gone off and all the true craziness of summer is just beginning! We have family coming in this week from all corners of the country, all of the "big" summer events are on the horizon, and it just looks like one madcap week after another for the next month! Eek!

The Edgartown Ladies Round Robin Tennis group purchased a bench with a plaque dedicated to Mebbit Morano. The bench will be placed in front of the town tennis courts. A round robin tournament honoring Mebbit will be played on August 6 from 4 to 6 pm. Interested players may contact Anne Williamson at home or Lisa Barbini at the playground.

Friends of the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging are hosting a Giant Flea Market and Bazaar on Saturday, August 11, from 9 am to 2 pm at the Dennis P. Alley Community Park (previously known as Waban Park). The Chilmark Flea Market is closed on that day because of the Chilmark Road Race, so many of those vendors will be there. Call Karen at 508-693-0165 for details or to sign up for booth or table space before August 8.

Happy birthday to Pammy Gardner, who gets another year older on August 5.

The kids and I have just returned from our adventure up north, where we spent a few days with our cousins Jen, Scott, Samantha, and Joanna (Corwin) Van Gelder in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

Our journey north began with a stopover at my sister's place in Beverly so the kids could spend time with their cousin Evie. They swam in the pool, ate pizza, and played with the neighborhood kids who seem to have adopted my sister and her family. The kids had a brief but great visit there, before heading back out on the road the next morning.

We landed in Bethlehem at about noon on Friday, following an uneventful but beautiful drive through darn near the entire state of New Hampshire. It took the four kids all of ten minutes to get reacquainted, I think, and it was just a wild weekend of laughter, screaming, and fun for all. Jo Jo is 2, Amelia and Sam a month apart at 5, and Riley is the old man of the bunch at 7. Sam and Amelia were thick as thieves and Riley enjoyed being the senior member of the tribe, helping Jen put Sam and Jo to bed, reading them bed time stories, and whatnot. They enjoyed time swimming at a nearby lake (shallow water and no crabs!), visiting the local farmers' market, cooking s'mores over an open fire, wandering through nature, hunting for bears, and perhaps most importantly, visiting the longest candy counter in the world at Chutters.

While I was on the phone Friday night announcing our safe arrival to family members, a thunderstorm knocked out the phones, a condition that would remain for the entire weekend. In that same vein, I did not have any cell reception there nor did I have Internet access. All of that, coupled with the fact the Jen and Scott don't have television, meant that I was disconnected from the outside world for three days. Once I got used to it, it was quite enjoyable. I never thought of Martha's Vineyard as a major metropolis but, I guess it all depends on your perspective.

That's about all I have this week, having been cut off from society for the better part of the last week. Feel free to get me news for next week's column. Have a great week.