Time for life's big exam...

By Arlan Wise - August 9, 2007

These are the last two weeks of Leo, the summery summer month. This is also the last time the sun will encounter Saturn in Leo for the next 29 years. You'll feel Saturn's final push as he asks you if you've learned your lessons over the past two and a half years.

Saturn in Leo has been testing your heart. He has asked you to consider your identity, your creativity, and your means of self-expression. The person you've been involved with during the past two to three years has been an agent of Saturn sent to teach you how to relate in a more mature manner.

It's been a very hard time for Leos. Hang in there, it's almost over. Saturn joins the sun in Virgo on September 2 to give us a new curriculum.

Thursday, August 9 Moon in Cancer. It will be easier to talk about your feelings today if you have been in a continuing dialogue. There's imaginative energy in the air and it's a good day to let your mind and/or hands be free to create. This is a fertile moon for planting. Cook outdoors over a fire. Tomorrow is a VC moon day, so do the important work today.

Friday, August 10 Moon in Cancer VC 8:57 am. You'll be happy to stay at home today. Putter around in the garden, and plant as much as you can since it's a very fertile day. Buy up local produce to freeze or preserve for the winter. Relax with family or make plans for a family reunion.

Saturday, August 11 Moon in Leo. Think of this weekend as the peak of the summer. This is the time for summer fun and frivolity. Enjoy your summer romance as much as you can. Put your responsibilities and obligations aside for two days and just try to have fun. Tonight is the dark of the moon; try to create a summer ritual.

Sunday, August 12 Moon in Leo. Continue on with this wild weekend of the heart. Today is the new moon in Leo, a great day to return to the playfulness of childhood. Open your heart and love unconditionally. You will be torn between the desires of the body and the pull of your spirituality. Neptune is a strong player over the next few days and is making it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Monday, August 13 Moon in Leo, VC from 9:34 am until 2:03 pm when it enters Virgo. Remember exam week in college? Today is the beginning of exam week for your life. You have to look at your dreams and see which are still possible to fulfill. You'll see the reality of your love life and see where wishful thinking stands in the way of what you can have. Old loves will reappear in front of you or in your mind.

Tuesday, August 14 Moon in Virgo. You can clean up any messes that were made over the weekend, both physical and emotional ones. Your mind is still fuzzy and does not want to function in a linear manner. Make a list of what you need to do but have been putting off. It's time to get the work done.

Wednesday, August 15 Moon in Virgo, VC 5:02 pm. Today is a day to think. There will be threads of connection back to June and July when Mercury was retrograde. You can bring an idea that developed then to completion. Your love life can evolve to another level if you are truly in love. It's a good day for a passionate encounter with your lover.

Thursday, August 16 Moon in Libra. Relax and enjoy summer's social events. Poke through the art galleries and antique shops and buy something you love. Shop for the presents you need to give. Buy beautiful books. Enjoy yourself with friends and listen to live music. Take advantage of the summer's energy.

Friday, August 17 Moon in Libra. Today is a great day for negotiations; you can find the compromise that's eluded you. Work out your tangled problems but don't sign anything or make any final commitments. You are able to write and express yourself well. It's a day to love and be loved. It's an extraordinary night for romance.

Saturday, August 18 Moon in Libra, VC from 8:21 am until 12:13 pm when it enters Scorpio. Take it easy in the morning. Get the rest you'll need when the serious part of the weekend begins this afternoon. You'll hear and have to tell the truth. Your thinking will be practical and sober and you'll see the dark side of the situation.

Sunday, August 19 Moon in Scorpio. Mercury enters his own sign of Virgo to help you think straight and express yourself clearly and concisely. You can make a big evolutionary leap in your personal growth if you let the day flow and not try to control it. You may have to address a situation you don't like.

Monday, August 20 Moon in Scorpio VC 9:24 pm. It's okay to feel grumpy today. Try not to let your negative feelings erupt into conflict. Stay away from those who irritate you. Work out your emotions in the garden with this moon that's fertile for planting. It will help you to immerse your body in water to cleanse away the grouchiness.

Tuesday, August 21 Moon in Sagittarius. The sun and Saturn have their yearly meeting to give you the final exam of your Saturn in Leo course. They are checking on the condition of your heart and your backbone, literally and figuratively. This is the day of the year when you see the bottom line. Hoping won't help today.

Wednesday, August 22 Moon in Sagittarius. It is necessary to get outside and work off that excess emotional and physical energy that's been building up. Try to get lost, either by losing yourself in the activity or wandering down an unknown trail. Today is the last day of Leo so appreciate this fiery combination of the sun and moon.

Thursday, August 23 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 8:54 am until 11:20 am when it enters Capricorn. The sun enters Virgo at 8:08 am. Play and exercise in the morning. There's an excess of energy for thinking and doing. You'll feel the shift this afternoon as the solid and steady earth element takes over from fire. It ushers in a time to sit down and focus on work.